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Hello. I'm a designer based in Nottingham, England, but my work often takes me to all sorts of other fine places.

Currently, I'm exploring the ways digital technology improves our well-being, and helps us access and understand nature. Sometimes I contribute to web design publications[1], and I speak about the design process at conferences. I also organised the New Adventures events[2] from 2010-2013.

I was a partner and senior designer at Fictive Kin from 2012 to 2018, collaborating on ambitious digital products and work for the likes of Samsung. Back in 2006 I co-founded Erskine Design[3], .net magazine's Agency Of The Year runner-up 2009. Shortly after, I moved on in search of fresh challenges.

Prior to designing websites, I went to art school and later worked as a visual artist in London and Iceland. Subsequently, I founded an independent arts organisation and festival[4]. I learned my trade as an employed designer/developer from 2002 to 2006[5] working on numerous significant web projects.[6]

This website was born in 2003, and this design is version four, or thereabouts. You can read more about this design if you wish.

I'm married to the wonderful designer and illustrator Geri Coady, and we're both owned by a silly cat called Bearface.

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  1. Published by Apress and Friends of ED (USA) and Five Simple Steps (UK)
  2. New Adventures won Event Of The Year award at the 2011 Critters, which is pretty nice.
  3. Clients included the government, major publishers, polar explorers, software companies, and many more.
  4. You Are Here Visual Arts, and You Are Here Festival.
  5. Agenzia Ltd, Nottingham UK. Love, always.
  6. Universal, Poptones, The Libertines, The Beta Band, Jon Burgerman, Lucy Orta to name a few.

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