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A warm welcome to Greg and Glen

23rd August 2007

Apologies for the weeds growing around my patch of late. I do have oodles of juicy stuff to impart soon, including a couple of exciting launches, and a potential redesign of this site (finally) - plus our Jamie is cooking up all sorts of dangerous things in his “lab”.

As things stand we still find our mucky fingers in some rather big pies, getting to know 4am rather too well, and continuing to burn the candle at both ends (which is a very dangerous thing to do, readers).

Anyway, some good news. We are thrilled to welcome the latest additions to the Erskine Design team.

We met some great people during the interviews and I genuinely wish we could have snaffled more of you, but in the end our shining lights turned out to be faraway Bournemouth’s Greg Wood, and Nottingham’s own (well, via Leicester) Glen Swinfield.

OK, they don’t actually start yet, and Greg’s gotta relocate and find a place to live, but hell, why not blog it? My way of making sure they can’t now wriggle out of the deal.

Welcome chaps - now we are numbering five within our first year. Wow! Oh, and for the record, it is a dash of milk with one sugar.

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