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Adaptive Systems at HD Live

16th December 2010

Back in early November, I was fortunate enough to present at the second HD Live event in glorious Hull. It was a fantastic day, with great presentations from folks like Brendan Dawes, Sarah Parmenter, Peter Barron (Google), Matt Brown (BERG) and others.

My presentation was entitled Adaptive Systems for Multiple Devices, and I saw this as an opportunity to dispense with the well-rehearsed talk I’d been doing all year, and instead discuss something relatively new that I’m really interested in, and am currently exploring. Therefore it isn’t one of my most well-formed talks, but hopefully interesting nonetheless. It’s full of starting points, suggestions, and some self-deprecation towards the end. I’ve drawn heavily on the thoughts of smart people like Ethan Marcotte, Jeremy Keith, and Bryan Rieger throughout.

Should this subject tickle your interest bone, the video is now available in two halves (part one and part two), and the slides are also available. To make life easier, everything is embedded below.

There’s a few minutes of dodgy audio in the second video, but rest assured it corrects itself. Anyway, I’m still only beginning to explore this stuff, but I hope this resonates with some of you. Feedback always welcome.


# Jeff responded on 19th December 2010 with...

I thought it was a very good presentation, turned out very well. Nice work mister simon hope you enjoyed your time at the HD live event ;)

# Rory responded on 11th January 2011 with...

Really enjoyed the presentation Simon, a lot of good points about mobile devices, sadly we’re not just designing for the iPhone.
Very much looking forward to the New Adventures conference just over a week away, hopefully Tron doesn’t suck you in before hand either!

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