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3rd January 2009

In December, the secret was out, and on Christmas Eve Eve our friends at EllisLab published an interview all about Agile Records.

Agile Records

Figure 1: Agile Records homepage.

I was in the pub at the time, having just finished for Christmas, and I have been offline in the real world for 10 days, so apologies for the delayed post. Anyway, the interview should tell you most of what you might want to know. Certainly for us as seasoned EE users this was a unique opportunity - the chance to create the default site/templates that will ship with the eagerly anticipated EE 2.0. The project was completed a few months back, so we’re chuffed to bits to finally be able to let you see a teaser page.

We also launched something else just before we ran to the pub, and I’ll no doubt stick up a quick post about that shortly.


# Michael Hessling responded on 4th January 2009 with...

Outstanding. I look forward to seeing how you’ve set things up.

# Simon Collison responded on 31st January 2009 with...

Thank you Michael. We’re just excited about the whole darn thing - EE2.0, that is.

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