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30th May 2008

We’re back. Well, I’m back. Actually, I never went anywhere, but my blog (which was for some time a broken EE version 1.4.2 that couldn’t be upgraded) curled up and died - a desperately broken database leaving me unable to post any new items. Grrr. Nearly three weeks later (it not being a priority), there be air in the lungs once more.

So, what next? Well, now that Glen has fixed it all for me and shunted 1.4.2 data into a fresh 1.6.3 build, I’m up for it again. I’m already working on three different ideas for the redesign I’ve been promising for 18 months, and there’s a mammoth amount of vaguely interesting news to impart across the Summer. I’ll also be ditching my personal Media Temple server soon (seeing as it is shite) and hosting all my personal sites within the agency. About time too.

Things will still be a bit broken in some places, so approach this site like you would a scared and wounded puppy. I’m working on it (really slowly).


# Benjamin Alijagić responded on 31st May 2008 with...

Welcome back :D!
Btw, will you continue(or start) with jambor-ee project?

# siftee responded on 2nd June 2008 with...

jeez dude, aren’t u the coolest. i don’t know what my life was like withut u… don’t doit man!

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