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9th June 2006

Yes, yes - self-promotion. Still, it does make my Mother very happy. Ah, why are us Brits so apologetic? Anyway, a quick “thanks” to my Fairy Godmother, who conspired to have me quizzed by three UK web magazines this month.

Are you a web designer that inspires me? If you have nothing better to do, you can find out by perusing these scans:

  1. Web Designer Magazine (165kb jpg)
  2. ,Net Magazine (from the Best Of British article that also features most of the BritPack - 138kb jpg)
  3. Practical Web Design magazine (in which they call me “Nick” four times, and get my URL wrong, but that’s OK - 246kb jpg)

As seems the norm nowadays, all three mags are also chock-full of web standards. This is very good to see, especially as most of the tutorial authors are people we trust. Very encouraging…

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