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Beginning CSS… competition winners

20th November 2006

I’m reet busy, so apologies for the delay in announcing the winners of the two Beginning CSS Web Development competitions. Yes, somebody is getting a Nano, somebody else is getting a free CSS template based on one of their PSDs, and someone else is getting a whole site! I must be barmy. Anyway, the winners…

All winners were drawn at random using my amazing randomizing PHP thingy. Thankfully, none of my friends won, so I don’t have to go into any kind of defensive rant. If your name appears below, drop me an email from the address you signed up with, including full contact details. I’ll notify the whole mailing list also.

Mailing List winners

Yep, all you had to do was join the mailing list. Easy peasy eh?

  1. First prize winner: I will create a set of (X)HTML/CSS templates (maximum of five) for Damian Buckley, based on a design he provides.
  2. Second prize winner: I will create one template based on a design provided by Michele Gerarduzzi.
  3. Four runners-up: Copies of Blog Design Solutions go to Brian Delicata, Danny Calders, Peggy@Inachordwebdesign and Antony Golding. They can have a copy of Beginning CSS if they’d prefer, seeing as I am nice.
Banner winner

Big congrats to Stu Hall, who gets an iPod nano just for sticking a banner on his website. Thanks to everyone who placed banners on their lovely websites - very much appreciated.

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