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Beginning CSS… is here!

4th September 2006

My book Beginning CSS Web Development has arrived, and is now in stock at Amazon. What a strange feeling!

Front cover

So, fresh from the box, here are a few pictures. You can also see plenty more in the Beginning CSS gallery, which contains some woefully focused shots.

Part Two

Creating forms

Tips and tricks

The Dead Goods


# Andy Croll responded on 4th September 2006 with...

Congrats Simon “published author” Collison.

Well worth the grind of the editing process now your name’s in print right?

# Martin Smith responded on 5th September 2006 with...

Well done that man!

# Carolyn Wood responded on 5th September 2006 with...

My copy is due to arrive tomorrow. I can hardly wait to dig in.

# Kevin Henney responded on 5th September 2006 with...

Congratulations! I’m ordering a copy for a friend who is still designing with tables.

# Andy Parton responded on 5th September 2006 with...

Well done Simon.  I received your book on Saturday and have spent the weekend reading it.  A lifesaver and a great read! Bloody brilliant mate.

# Enrique responded on 5th September 2006 with...

COngratulations and “good luck” ;-)

# Nate K responded on 5th September 2006 with...

My copy is on its way, and I am very anxious to check it out.

Congrats to you on getting it out the door, must be a very exciting time!

# Malarkey responded on 6th September 2006 with...

Woohoo! I can’t wait for Chris to send me my copy!

# Ian Lloyd responded on 6th September 2006 with...

It’s a great book Simon - you should be feeling very proud!

# lewro responded on 7th September 2006 with...

I ordered my one last Thursday. Waiting for delivery. Thank you for writing it for us!

# Peter Goddard responded on 7th September 2006 with...

Many congratulations Simon.

I’ve just taken delivery and it’s a splendid piece of work which gives those of us who are always running to catch up a fighting chance.

Thank you.

# Malarkey responded on 8th September 2006 with...

Got mine now! Well done Si, this is a great achievement. Review coming soon. :)

# Simon Collison responded on 9th September 2006 with...

Thanks everyone!

...and thanks for all the emails too. Really appreciated, and many of you seem to be enjoying the book now you’ve dived in.

I’ll be away for a few days, but I’ll answer any questions and look at reviews (go easy, Malarkey!) on Wednesday.

I’ll leave you with this great review from That Standards Guy.

# Jacquard responded on 11th September 2006 with...

The style of the book reminds me one site, but I don’t remember which exactly :\

# Tim responded on 12th September 2006 with...

Ordering the book this Friday (when I get the money).

I’ll post again here when I get the book but +ordering to New Zealand from America can take a while. =(

Great work!

# Gordon Mackay responded on 16th September 2006 with...

Congratulations :) Borders is becoming so much more interesting these days.

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