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Belle & Sebastian, Burgerman, and some other mates all rolled into one neat Christmas competition

21st November 2008

I have to blog about this competition, seeing as it involves a mix CD created by a musician I once booked and purchased tomato soup and mash for; it has artwork by my friend and office pal; its on a website built by someone who taught me all I know, and it is facilitated by a company run by a friend I’ve known for 30 years; some cash goes to a charity researching a disease which hit my family hard this year. No arguments.

Musician: Chris “Beans” Geddes from Belle & Sebastian. Cover artwork: Jon Burgerman. Website: Simon Rudkin, Northern Soul. Facilitator: Lee Walker at Tenfold. Charity: Cancer Research.

Xmas competition

Let me explain. You can win an exclusive mix CD by Chris Geddes from Belle & Sebastian. Cover artwork doodled by Jon Burgerman. Signed and numbered. Limited to 75 copies. 10 to win. The working title of the album, in homage to both Chris’s and Jon’s vegetarianism, is The Nut Roast. Tenfold will also be auctioning 5 off on Ebay in aid of Cancer Research, so if you don’t win, you can always bid for one.

Visit the Tenfold website for full details and move yourself around via the little subnav, or jump straight to info about Chris, Jon, or competition rules.


# Simon Clayson responded on 21st November 2008 with...

Mr Geddes ivory tinkling is the B&S;magic ingredient

# Guy Carberry responded on 21st November 2008 with...

For a veggie communist he has a great and eclectic taste in music. Nice one. Thanks for the heads up.

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