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Blog Design Solutions is here!

24th February 2006

Just a week after I received my copies of CSS Mastery, I have now received my copies of Blog Design Solutions - and it’s great!

Blog Design Solutions

For those wanting to get the most out of MovableType, Expression Engine, Textpattern and Wordpress, this book is a must. Read on for pics from my ExpressionEngine chapter…

Each chapter details the building of a blog template using a chosen engine, with chapters from Richard Rutter, Andy Budd, John Oxton, Phil Sherry, Chris J Davis/Michael Heilemann and myself.

There is also a mass of detail about creating local testing environments, building your own PHP blogging engine, and much, much more.


Go on, buy it now!


# Karl responded on 24th February 2006 with...

Cool stuff, I’ve got CSS Mastery and posted a review on my blog and am now just waiting for Amazon to publish it there too - thanks for your efforts on the book :)

In a mad fit yesterday I moved Blog Design Solutions from the wish list to ordered - trouble is the buggers are gonna keep me waiting a few weeks on delivery.

# JamesM responded on 24th February 2006 with...

Colly, congrats, must be a great feeling to see your name in print like that!

# Chris responded on 24th February 2006 with...

Congrats on being in print! Being a fellow fan of EE, I’m curious to see what you wrote about it. I might have to go out and get myself a copy.

# derek responded on 24th February 2006 with...

great. i haven’t even finished css mastery and here i am planning to pick up another great book. who would have thought learning web design could be easier when read from a book? for some reason, i seem to memorize content a lot better from ink and paper rather than the screen.

# cat responded on 24th February 2006 with...

CSS Mastery just appeared in my mailbox. But hey, I figure about the time Blog Design Solutions arrives all the way out here, I’ll have at least cracked it a bit. Enough to start bugging people anyway.

Thanks for the heads up ... and thanks you too.

# Heiko responded on 24th February 2006 with...

Congrats Simon, 2 days ago I recieved CSS Mastery and I really like it. I have 8 years experience in developing Webapplications and I prefer to read books for special topic. I don’t like Books they include all topics ((X)HTML, JavaScript, DOM, CSS, Ajax and XML etc.). Those special Tips in every chapter are ideally for beginners to recognize the variety of CSS. Therefore I will recommend the book in my (german) weblog. With your agreement.

# Mark Boulton responded on 24th February 2006 with...

Congratulations Colly, Looking forward to reading the EE chapter :)

# Sticky responded on 25th February 2006 with...

Colly, I hate you.  You’re costing me a fortune.  Damn you!  Damn you all the way to “I’m a great author” hell.  Seriously, great work on CSS Mastery and I’ve just placed an order for this too.  I can’t wait to improve my EE skills.

Stop writing!  At least until next pay day!

# derek responded on 25th February 2006 with...

yes. let us get get back on top of our reading before dropping some more content for us to learn from.

btw, just placed my new order.

# Todd Prouty responded on 27th February 2006 with...

At least this impulse buy (I ordered both books from Amazon) is tax deductible! Not so with my latest round of Threadless t-shirts. It’s not fair… I even wear them to work! (And no, I’m not affiliated with Threadless.)

# Karl Dawson responded on 9th March 2006 with...

He’s back, and he has a review. (also on


# Aesma responded on 20th March 2006 with...

wow, nice book :)

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