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Burgerman + Germans = Perfection

24th May 2006

The Germans are very efficient - we all know that. Precision detail, lack of compromise, high standards. Today I took delivery of a wonderful printed canvas from my friend Jon Burgerman, all the way from Germany.

Burgerman close-up

I’m sure Jon won’t mind me saying this, but I was as much captivated by the back as I was the front. It’s all down to the Germans…

For Jon’s recent Paris exhibition, he had several of his works printed via digital processes onto heavy duty canvas by German company Blauprint (new site on the way). The artwork looks brilliant, but look at the back!


Patented alloy tension systems! It’s the blaukauz®-framework! How beautiful. Then there is the alloy clamp that makes the whole thing float magically upon my otherwise bare wall (yet to be done, as I’m too busy looking at the thing). Oh, and look at the sign-off detail.


Finally, I love the buds! Little buds that ensure the canvas sits just off the surface of the wall, and doesn’t damage the precious paintwork.


Genius. I should probably also mention how expertly packaged the canvas was, making it all the way from Germany without a scratch, and trackable at every stage. I suppose we’re about to witness one perfect World Cup.

By the way, Blauprint have a gallery (nice site designed by The Design Chapel) so take a peek. Here’s the full canvas…



# Jan Brasna responded on 24th May 2006 with...

It is truly amazing, I’m admiring Blaugallery for some two years, since I saw the amazing prints for real in Mannheim at BD4D. I’d love to get some of those once…

# dandyna responded on 25th May 2006 with...

why arent your books published in italy yet? I so want to read them!!

# Simon Collison responded on 27th May 2006 with...

Dandyna: I don’t know. That’s a shame. I haven’t any spare copies of CSS Mastery, but if you email me your full postal address I will send you a copy of Blog Design Solutions. Hopefully it won’t cost too much to send it…

# onesidezero responded on 31st May 2006 with...

These frames are amazing, it’s like art upon art, lookout for onesidezero prints soon.

# Andy Budd responded on 2nd June 2006 with...

Nice. We need some nice pics to adorn the walls of our new office.

# dandyna responded on 6th June 2006 with...

wow would you really send one to me? I’m flattered! when are you asking me the bill? lol yeah, i would definitely email you my address :)

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