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Burgerman/Ehlers - Masters of doodle

23rd September 2004

I’ve just received two copies of Hello Duudle, a new book by my friend Jon Burgerman, and his friend Sune Ehlers. I say book, but the thing is more like one big long fold-out artwork. It’s beautiful.

Hello Duddle

Regular CollyLogic readers may remember previous posts about the talented Burgerman, the Nottingham native who’s idiosyncratic illustrations are favoured for promotional campaigns by international brands, and small Nottingham art festivals. Read on for more, and a peek inside the book…

Hello Duudle

Hello Duudle mirrors “the simplicity and playfullness of the common ‘doodle’”. Over the past year, Burgerman and Danish Ehlers have embroiled themselves in email ‘ping-pong’ and ‘Photoshop tennis’, taking each other’s scans and manipulating them further, culminating in this tremendously lovely frieze of quirky characters and odd environments. It’s a joyous mixture of cartoon and collage, doodle and diagram - and would grace any long wall, bedroom or office.

fold out

I’ll shortly be helping Burgerman implement some CMS on his website for the princely sum of a limited edition t-shirt, and I’ll let you all know when that’s done. In the meantime, get on over to Hello Duudle and buy a copy for just fifteen of your earth pounds. Then buy a really long frame and put it in it. Your friends will be very impressed, and it could even help you attract girls.

Hello Duudle in detail

Hello Duudle - a book by Jon Burgerman & Sune Ehlers (edition of 1000)

Printed on extra thick, high quality stock, Hello Duudle appears to be a traditional book, but actually opens up to form a beautiful 1.5 metre frieze. The reverse side expands the Hello Duudle universe, introducing you to some of its key characters such as the Car Dogs, Tim Karry and Mungmush.

As a special bonus there are hidden doodles printed throughout in glorious spot UV.E It comes enclosed in a clear plastic envelope complete with a sheet of fun stickers.

ISBN 0-9546556-3-x, 200 x 150mm, 18 page concertina


# Jon Hicks responded on 23rd September 2004 with...

When you said 2 copies, I thought you were about to announce a competition or video… :o(

# Simon Collison responded on 23rd September 2004 with...

Yes, I came over all “Gmail invite” there, didn’t I? However, I’ll try and get a few bits ‘n pieces off Jon for a future give-away. Can’t say fairer than that, Jon…

# Blair Millen responded on 24th September 2004 with...

Had a look at the Hello Duudle site and the thing that strikes me about Jon Burgerman’s work is the similarity with (or influence by) Heinz Edelmann, the chap responsible for Yellow Submarine; the swirling shapes and weird monsters.

Perhaps the fold out feature also reminded me of the original artwork on vinyl too.

# Simon Snorkeller responded on 24th September 2004 with...

When Colly said “two copies”, he’d bought one for me as a rather super birthday gift…! So that’s why I’ve been banned from reading C’logic for a couple of days.

It’s a very special thing, just need a really, really long frame now.

Thanks v. much mate…!

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