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Carson one day web workshops

17th August 2005

I don’t know. You toil away in rainy England eating fish and chips, drinking warm beer, singing “Knees up Mother Brown!” to anyone who’ll listen, waiting for a web standards and accessibility event to happen, and then sixty come along at once. The next events worth your attention have to be the latest Carson Workshops in that London.

One day workshop Sharing the Secrets of Web Accessibility will see stand-up comedian accessibility wizard Joe Clark shipped over cheaply in the cargo hold to enthrall a limited number of keen web folks with tales of accessibility successes and failures, and importantly the methods we all need to implement to make the web a better place for all.

Other forthcoming workshops will feature the no-nonsense-ness of Andy Clarke and the incisive authoratative outpourings of Molly. Even CSS boffinista Eric Meyer is making the trip to deliver some professional CSS techniquery.

After @media 2005, it seems vital that we collectively keep the momentum up, and the Carson chappies are doing their level best to do just that. Kudos to Ryan at Carson MegaCorp Industries Incorporated or whatever they’re called for putting the graft in, and for buying me a pint at @media.  Two very good reasons to get some shameless publicity on this blog.

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