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Cats and music do not mix

8th May 2005

Not pleased. Seems that Dylan, Ashcroft, Gallagher, Weller and co make for a great scratching post. Maybe this is Ziggy’s way of showing disapproval for my music taste.


Perhaps if I hadn’t been so wrapped up in work I might have noticed the Gambaccini of the cat world gradually destroying my record collection. If only I’d stacked my S-Express and Tijuana Brass albums at that end. Or Be Here Now. Don’t suppose Ziggy would’ve been so quick to scratch my Bowie albums. View the full devastation.


# evan responded on 8th May 2005 with...

i could dig up the number for the local cat shelter for ya…

or there’s a really great barbeque sauce that goes well with cat…

# Yvonne Adams responded on 8th May 2005 with...

Ouch, so sorry!

I don’t feel so bad about having to vacuum my desk and monitors twice a day anymore. At least the “monitor fetish” doesn’t cause permanent damage.

And yes, because of this particular behavior, the powerbook never sets foot on the desk.

# Rob Weychert responded on 8th May 2005 with...

If your own rage even approaches the amount of rage I feel on your behalf, the the molecules that once made up your cat have already been scattered to the ends of the Earth.

# Steve P. Sharpe responded on 8th May 2005 with...

I have 4 cats and a dog, and if any of the cats had got to my record collection (of which I have many) the dog would have a change of diet.

The dog usually eats biscuits, but the dog would be having meat for a treat! (Meow!)

# Adrian Kostrubiak responded on 8th May 2005 with...

Ouch. That’s really rough.
Sorry to hear about your records.
My dog does some crazy stuff, but luckily he’s never gone after my music.

# Rob Waring responded on 9th May 2005 with...

Two copies of Urban Hymns?

Sorry I think I’m missing the point here….

Cat a l’Orange?

Or baby socks on paws.

# Andrew K responded on 9th May 2005 with...

I feel your pain! Last September I came home to find that the cat had urinated on my beloved fender strat, an instrument I’ve lovingly beaten the hell out of for over a decade. To add to the pain, he decided a box full of my CD’s was the perfect location for a monsterous crap! :o
I rubbed his face in everything and threw him in the shower for about 5 minutes. Who would’a thunk cats don’t like showers and can’t clime 7ft tall sheets of wet glass?
Needless to say the cat doesn’t touch my stuff anymore.

Don’t be too hard on your cat though; what do you expect it to do when faced with an oasis album? :p

# Stuart responded on 9th May 2005 with...

Look on the bright side, they’ve helped you achieve the wicked worn look without even having to open photoshop!


# Richard Rutter responded on 9th May 2005 with...

Colly, you *so* need to invest in a pack of these. A touch of shutting the stable door… perhaps but still well worth it. PVC covers available for 7”, 10”, 12” and gatefold. And while you’re at it you can get Nagaoka anti-static sleeves from those nice chaps at Diverse Vinyl.

# LintHuman responded on 9th May 2005 with...

Are we to assume that your collection is on the floor? I know cats will get everywhere, but putting those LPs on a shelf might help.

Wot? No DJ-type ‘scratching’ jokes? Ahem.

# Simon Collison responded on 9th May 2005 with...

Ah, thanks group. Your symapthy is healing me.

Richard: Excellent advice. Yes, the horse has already bolted, but it is definitely time for protection, like Mother always said.

LintHuman: Yes, I admit that that particular row are on the floor. Still, Ziggy doesn’t care where stuff is. I notice that he’s scratched all my sketchbooks - and that shelf is four feet up.

Stuart: Yes, easy Wicked Worn, but I don’t thing I’ll let him at my screen. Best to do that stuff with Photoshop, I think.

Rob Waring: No idea why I’ve two copies of Urban Hymns.  I do seem to accumulate stuff.

Andrew K: Your experiences see mine, and raise them somewhat. Still, at least most CDs are jewel-case protected. That said, if Ziggy had shat on my albums I’d be fucking furious. Unless it had been Be Here Now, I guess that would be OK, but not Definitely Maybe.

Rob Weychert: Welcome. Our Zig is still very much intact, but thanks for the sympathy. The cathartic healing powers of the group are really helping me now.

# Mike Stenhouse responded on 10th May 2005 with...

Ouch, that’s hurtful. Have you offended her in some way?

Luckily my Tijuana Brass and Perry Como records are on the bottom shelf with my pristine Ronin 12s several tiers further up, hopefully avoiding a similar fate. Oh, and I don’t have a cat. If it were me I’d be tempted to crap in the cat’s litter, just to teach her a lesson.

On the bright side though, one of my mates sobered up in the middle of pissing on his own treasured vinyl stacked in his cupboard. He couldn’t explain why he’d be either weeing in his cupboard or keeping his records there.

# Josh Dura responded on 11th May 2005 with...

Ouch!!! Sorry to see that :( Tinfoil, lots and lots of tinfoil. The cats hate the tinfoil.

# Jordan responded on 12th May 2005 with...

I’ve got no problem with cats in general.
But I suggest a nitro glycerin oriented solution.

# steve keyworth responded on 13th May 2005 with...

It is no coincidence that ‘Cat’ rhymes with ‘Twat’.
Digitize the little bleeder and think no more of it.

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