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Che Guevara and a Sunday sausage

30th August 2004

After a fat-man’s meal at restaurant/bar Sausage (more on that later) in mega-entertainotropolis The Cornerhouse, Em and I belched our way up the escalators to see new film The Motorcycle Diaries.

An opportunity to get into the head of the young Che Guevara, it’s a funny, disturbing and affirming tale of two friends waking up to who they are as individuals.


Argentinians Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado set out on a road trip to discover the real Latin America. Ernesto is a 23-year-old medical student specializing in leprology, and Alberto, 29, is a biochemist. Both men kept diaries during the trip, and Walter Salles’ film remains true to their accounts. Gael Garcia Bernal (Guevara) and Rodrigo de la Serna (Granado) fill the lead roles with deep empathy for the weight of discovery and injustice that hit the men on their 1952 journey, and it’s intreaguing to witness the young Guevara struggling to come to terms with the pitiful way the poor and sick are marginalised. It was a weight of responsibility that would eventually see him become a symbol of rebellion against hypocrisy, injustice and human suffering, depending on your stand-point, of course. He also became the world’s best-selling t-shirt.

Spectacularly shot, The Motorcycle Diaries primarily reveals mid-century Argentina, Chile, Peru and their people through the eyes of the two travellers, culminating in their time at a leper colony in the Peruvian Amazon, where their parallel lives begin to fork, and the real Che begins to surface.

If you get a chance to see the film, I recommend you take it. It’ll make you wish you were more defiant, have more rebellion in your soul, and potentially make you start saving for a trip to South America. If you’re comfortable with that, then go see it.

And to return to the beginning, if you’re ever in Nottingham (and you eat meat), do make a beeline for Sausage. Choose the rather private cylindrical orange padded booths over the hot-dog-inspired benches. Order a Chimay, Duvel or Timothy Taylor to quench your thirst. Grab an Haloumi and sun-dried tomato starter, followed by an “Oh, Vicar!” for your main. Trust me, it is possible to be embarrassed by the arrangement of a sausage, two meatballs, frilly herbs and a Yorkshire Pudding turned on it’s side.


# Simon Collison responded on 2nd September 2004 with...

People only read the webby posts?!

Jacob - the film is incredible. I hope it does get released in Sweden. If not, a DVD purchase would be worth the money…

# !!blue responded on 10th September 2004 with...

Thank goodness they are making a movie on him. I’m sick of people wearing his iconic face on their shirts without knowing what he stood for. 

Just hadda get that off my chest. :p Can’t wait to see it!

# S Faulkner responded on 6th April 2005 with...

They have had a movie out for years about his time in Boliva when he was killed.  I have shown it for several years in classes I teach.  You should watch that it gives a great insight into the man he was and what he did the last months of his life.

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