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12th February 2008

The difference between bad web design and good web design can be compared to the difference between my Dad going for a walk, and Richard Long going for a walk.


# sev responded on 13th February 2008 with...

This website is unfortunatly unavailable…

# Edwin responded on 13th February 2008 with...

Not only unavailable but abbandoned ? ..a shame

# Simon Collison responded on 13th February 2008 with...

Oh dear! It appears the unexpected traffic from me has broken Richard Long’s official website. Surely not that much traffic? Maybe Richard unplugs it when he goes walking. Oops.

# Jason Armstrong responded on 13th February 2008 with...

A real shame that the analogy requires his site be up to make any sense of it (to those who have not seen it anyway.) Could you elaborate Simon?

# Simon Rudkin responded on 13th February 2008 with...

Try the Richard Long Newsletter for size.

# Simon Collison responded on 13th February 2008 with...

Cheers Simon, although that site doesn’t quite drive home the importance of the “walking” reference so immediately. A floored analogy if ever I made one, it seems. I swear his official site was there when I posted.

# Graham Smith responded on 19th February 2008 with...

Hello Simon,
A little off subject here but just simply wanted to pass on my congratulations for a top book.

I have just reached the last chapter of beginning CSS and it has been a terrific and valuable read. Also fun.

Just got the last chapter to work through and that’s me done. Although I feel I will have to go through it again from scratch as it was, for my poor brain, a little too much new info to take in at once.

Understood it all, just can’t remember it all… :0)


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