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30th September 2008

We recently launched a major new website in that London - the ambitious CSR360 Global Partner network - a network of independent organisations that work at the interface of Business and Society to mobilise business for good. Read on for a little more info…

I was there at the start (many months ago), and I was there at the end, but in between the blood, sweat and occasional tears has come from our chaps Jamie Pittock, Phil Swan and Chris MacPherson, who have done an incredible job of pulling together this very ambitious website in collaboration with the secreteriat over at Business In The Community. We were also able to bring in our good friends at Funnel Creative to work on the brand and identity for the network. They never let us down.

I was lucky enough to be able to simply step in at the end and speak at a very special launch at London’s Freshfields last week (we all wore suits), and was thrilled with the reception we and the new website received. We’re really excited about this initiative and are looking forward to the network growing through the website over the coming years.

At the same event, we also launched a new site for ENGAGE - an international programme that brings together businesses and community organisations around the globe to increase the quality and amount of employee involvement in their local communities.

Well done everyone - I’m really proud of you.

Oh, and I’ll get emails if I don’t explain that yes, this was done with ExpressionEngine (of course) - but its about as far from a traditional build as you can get, via a myriad of crazy plugins, extensions, modules and magic created by our dev team.

We’ve quite few other projects nearing launch too - our busy Spring and Summer is finally paying off. More soon…

Global Partner Network


# bgw responded on 2nd October 2008 with...

CSR360 looks ace, though the main nav’s hover so subtle I didn’t notice it, at first.

# Johnny responded on 2nd October 2008 with...

Very, very, very nice.

# Richard Bateman responded on 2nd October 2008 with...

I have to say that I’ve been nothing short of impressed by the standard of work Erskine have put out this year. I hope you don’t mind me saying but you can almost see the confidence in yourselves grow with each new project. Each new site just looks better and better and particularly the CSR site looks brilliant.

I’d definitely love to read more from the EE point of view and how it was implemented into these particular projects. Maybe Jamie could write something up when his site returns (nudge, nudge).

I hope many a classic ale or beer was had (perhaps even a fine wine) during the launch party and you all enjoyed the evening. Must be a huge pleasure to see a lot of work and long hours pay off. Full praise for the sites Simon. Sterling work by all involved. Congratulations.

# Simon Collison responded on 2nd October 2008 with...

Bqw: Cheers - we’ll take a look at that.

Johnny: Lovely. Thanks sir.

Richard: What a bloody smashing comment. Thank you mate. We have a few more new sites to launch soon too. Its been very busy round here. I guess we are very confident in what we do as a team now, and I reckon that’s fine so long as we don’t get arrogant (never) or complacent (unlikely). See you again soon.

# Alicia Daniel responded on 6th October 2008 with...

Absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!  I love it.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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