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1st August 2007

Hopefully you will thank me that I do not have time, energy or desire to write up my lengthy moans about the big Arctic Monkeys super-gig I attended at the weekend.

Sufficed to say that the bands were excellent, as expected, and that most of my moans are to do with beer queues, my age and its importance at all-day gigs, and having hundreds of teenage girls shrilling the lyrics to Mardy Bum at Emma and I until our ears bled. At least the stage artwork was amusing. Nope, lets have a bit of self-promotional CSS-based news instead.

Two of the sites I built are featured in a gorgeous new Japanese book CSS Creative Design. A few snaps of the book can be seen in this Flickr set.

CSS Creative Design spread

CSS Creative Design cover

Thanks to Kazumichi Takahashi for sending us a copy all the way from the other side of the world. What a nice person.


# Richard B responded on 1st August 2007 with...

I like the cover, very nice.

So… did you ever find out what was written inside then or is it still all foreign to you?

# yoshinori responded on 3rd August 2007 with...

I I have this Book.
The content of the book on a good design is also comprehensible. :)

# Kaps responded on 9th August 2007 with...

Cover page of the book is very good. I have seen the snaps of the book in Flickr. Is this book is in english language also?

# Tomasz Gorski responded on 13th August 2007 with...

Thanks for the link to flickr where i can see how looks the CSS Creative Design book. Kaps good question i don’t now any japanese word:)

# zeb responded on 14th August 2007 with...

Congratulations for getting featured. The book looks good. I would like to own the English version whenever available.

# snsnhyje responded on 29th August 2007 with...

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# zhnivjwf responded on 29th August 2007 with...

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# Ryan James responded on 30th August 2007 with...

Are the two comments above me some chinese comments or just spam? btw. congratulations for being in the book named, means that now that your company is a little bit “famouse” in china?

# Shaali responded on 30th August 2007 with...

Congrats for being featured in the CSS Book, but there is one thing i am concerned to know about really. Why is CSS too much in discussion these days, similarly the AJAX era started and Flash is no where to be found the same way CSS is being discussed too much in blogs, articles, journals books etc. Sorry am a noob but its like i need to know or really willing to know~

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