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CSS Web Dev Competition Prizes

15th July 2006

In order to shamelessly promote my forthcoming Beginning CSS Web Development book, I am announcing some ridiculously good prizes, some of which involve some hard work on my part. I’m really proud of this book, but am aware that there are so many CSS books that it is hard to spread the word, hence calling on your help. There are two ways to win:

Mailing List Prizes

Yes, I’ll build some templates for two lucky buggers. This isn’t to defeat the purpose of the book, as these templates will be heavily commented, with advice, tips and general help thrown in, extending the usefulness of the book.

  1. First prize: I will create a set of (X)HTML/CSS templates (maximum of five) for the winner, based on a design and site map the winner provides.
  2. Second prize: I will create one template based on a design the winner provides.
  3. Four runners-up: Copies of CSS Mastery and Blog Design Solutions.

All you have to do is join the mailing list over at and confirm via the auto-generated email. The winners will be announced in September. Good luck!

Bonus Linkage Prize

Besides these “sign-up and job done” prizes, I will also be offering some form of iPod to one person who opts to place one of the following banners on their website. If you’d prefer, you can create your own graphic or simply use the book cover, so long as it links to the website. Standard text links don’t count, and the winner will be picked at random from my referral logs in September. Banners must be on your site for the whole of August and September to be eligible.

Banner - 88 x 250px:


Banner - 88 x 180px:


Cover - 112 x 150px:


Cover - 75 x 100px:


Or grab this high file-size image of the cover and do what you want with it. Feel free to hotlink these images from my server, seeing as you are doing me a favour.

That’s all for now. I’ll talk in more detail about the book once it gets sent to the printers. Oh, and HUGE thanks for your help, you lovely people.

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