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CSS Mastery Second Edition

17th October 2009

In early 2006, a book called CSS Mastery was published. Written expertly by Andy, it also featured case studies from Cameron and myself, plus a foreword from Dan.

The book sold like hot cakes and became the best-selling Apress/Friends Of ED title ever. Now, we’re all back together for the release of CSS Mastery, Second Edition.

CSS Mastery Second Edition cover

Figure 1: The brand new (but still green) cover.
Why a Second Edition?

Well, a lot has changed in the last three-and-a-half years. Browsers and best practice, widespread adoption of CSS3, new techniques and expectations, further understanding of user interaction and so much more. Bringing CSS Mastery up to date allows us to explore all of this, through fully-revised content and fresh case studies, putting everything we know into a carefully updated edition. It’s also now printed in glorious technicolor.

Climb The Mountains

Cameron and I have worked hard to create two new case studies that explore a broad range of CSS3 methods. Obviously there’s more detail in the book, but for now here’s a sneak-peak at the Climb The Mountains site I put together, with added skills from my colleague Greg.

CSS Mastery case study - Climb The Mountains by Simon Collison

Figure 2: My “Climb The Mountains” case study.
Why so quiet?

As Cameron explained yesterday, we’ve all been a bit too busy since the Second Edition was signed off, and therefore we’re only just getting around to talking about it. We are discussing a few ideas to spread the word and try out a competition or two, so bear with us whilst we clear the decks.

Go on, treat yourself

Anyway, the book was due to be available on 15th October 2009, so head on over to Amazon UK, Amazon US, or wherever you prefer, and order yourself a copy of our brand-spankingly up-to-date little green book.


# Andrew Armitage responded on 17th October 2009 with...

Great stuff Colly!

Really looking forward to this edition. The first edition quickly became my most thumbed book and I’m pretty sure this one will follow suit.

Nice to see a few local landmarks featuring in the book as well!

Heading over to Amazon right now…


# Mikey responded on 27th October 2009 with...

Congratulation for the 2nd edition. I wonder if it is going to be available as an e-book, pdf etc?

# Jez Swinscoe responded on 30th October 2009 with...

Grabbed a PDF version from APRESS today - looks like the print version will come later.

I too still have the first edition right in front of me on my desk, well thumbed indeed.

Only after a (very) brief skim I can see this will be a fine update - similar structure but all fresh content and cracking examples.


# Simon Collison responded on 30th October 2009 with...

Thanks all. Sadly I still don’t have a copy. I am crying into my tea. It appears that the publish date was somewhat optimistic, unless you go for the PDF (and I haven’t got one of those either).

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