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Doing our bit for charity

24th June 2008

Yesterday, four members of the team completed the Great Notts Bike Ride 50 mile route; cycling from Holme Pierrepont to Newark, then back to Nottingham into brutal and constant 30 mph headwinds that nearly killed us.

So far we’ve raised over £1,000 for various charities. Our pain is captured in the GNBR Flickr set.

Huuuuge thanks to those of you that dug deep into your credit-crunched pockets and sponsored us. You are wonderful people.

If you suddenly find twenty quid down the back of the sofa, you can still put it to good use as donations can be accepted until 22nd September over at the Just Giving page.


# Celina Buy responded on 24th June 2008 with...

We were also at the ride, but unfortunately did not raise as much as you :(

# reader responded on 26th June 2008 with...

i’ve always admired people who can sacrifice themselves for charity work :)
well done :)

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