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D’yer Wanna See A Spaceman?

14th September 2006

For past client launches and events, we’ve managed to bring Belle & Sebastian, Steve Mason (Beta Band), Gobsausage, various Poptones artists and Alan McGee’s Death Disco to Nottingham.

This year though we are particularly excited as we have Spiritualized leader J. Spaceman bringing his rare acoustic tour to Nottingham’s magnificent St. Mary’s Church to celebrate the latest programme of NOW multidisciplinary art events.


Accompanied by a string quartet and gospel choir, plus Spiritualized’s Doggen, Acoustic Mainlines features favourite songs from the back catalogue of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized, selected covers, and material from the forthcoming Spiritualized album.

This promises to be a unique and intimate experience in a special venue, and is a last minute addition to the original and sold out nine date Acoustic Mainlines tour of the UK. If you can make it to Nottingham, tickets are a must…

The Royal Centre Box Office / 0115 989 5555 / £14.50 / £12 Concs / £7.25 Disabled. Tickets are limited to 400 and the event starts at 8pm prompt. Seating only (it is a church, after all).


# Richard Rutter responded on 15th September 2006 with...

Awesome! I’ve got tickets for the Brighton leg of his tour at the Komedia, another intimate venue (although not as impressive as yours). I’m a big Spacemen/Spiritualized fan and I can’t wait.

# Biteme responded on 18th September 2006 with...

And I don’t understand the main plot…

# Steve McLay responded on 19th September 2006 with...

Good work boys. Got my ticket. Be good to see you there

# Tim Almond responded on 19th September 2006 with...

Much appreciated.

I checked out the site, and he’s also playing Salisbury Arts Centre down the road from here on the 20th. It’s a converted church - very small. My ticket’s in the post.

# Lolita responded on 28th September 2006 with...

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# Spaceman responded on 29th September 2006 with...

Hello Spaceman!

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