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EECI 2010 San Francisco

23rd March 2010

Having recently been to the United States and fallen in love with much of what I saw, I’m itching to go back. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait very long, as the second EECI conference is just a couple of months away. For those of you that live in isolation and may have missed the 4,678 reasons to attend, here’s a mini-overview.

EECI2010 runs from the 31st May until the 2nd of June, and will once again be skilfully organised by my good friend Robert Eerhart of Whoooz!. I considered last year’s event in Leiden to be one of the best-organised, most comfortable and wholly rewarding conferences I have ever attended, and I expect EECI2010 will be even better.

Wear flowers in your hair

The conference will be held at the incredible Fort Mason Center, in San Francisco’s Bay Area. This is a stunning and well-equipped venue in a truly spectacular location.


Figure 1: Fort Mason Center (foreground) and San Francisco.

We’ll be next to the water, in sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a hop away from San Francisco’s vibrant and colourful city life. I’ve seen footage of the rooms we’ll use, and it’s all rather special.

A veritable Who’s Who?

The list of speakers is like a Who’s Who? of the ExpressionEngine world, with many returning after a successful EECI2009 in the Netherlands. Expect great things from the likes of EllisLab‘s own Rick Ellis, Leslie Camacho, Derek Jones and Derek Allard; hot knowledge from add-on developers Leevi Graham and Brandon Kelly; plus star turns from Ryan Irelan and Mark Huot (Happy Cog), Greg Wood and Jamie Pittock (Erskine), Kenny Meyers, Lea Alcantara, Lodewijk Schutte, Travis Schmeisser (Structure); plus many others—and my good self.

Glorious sponsors

Heavyweight sponsors include EllisLab themselves, plus the likes of EngineHosting, Pixel & Tonic, Cart Throb, EE Coder, EE Insider, and my friends at Erskine Design.

Platinum sponsor Solspace are providing the CodeShare Corner; an oasis of calm and enlightenment for exhibitors and attendees to exchange code and ideas, connect with others, and discuss business. This will be a comfortable lounge where you can sit and relax, grab a cup of coffee, and empty your mind. Mine will already be empty.

Go on, you know you want to…

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to kick back with the great and the good at the biggest EE/CI event of the year. Bring yourself, bring your ideas, and bring an open mind. I’ll definitely be there, and when I’m not talking about channels and curly brackets with you lot, I intend to hire a bicycle and ride all over the Bay, getting a tan.

To register, head on over to EECI2010 and bathe in the possibilities. If you’re planning to be there, let me know.


# Tim Print responded on 23rd March 2010 with...

I would love to be going to San Francisco but alas it’s not possible this year, maybe 2011. If it is as good as Leiden last year everyone is in for a treat.

Speaking of Leiden, I’m watching closely for announcements of the 2010 european version. Any inside info? I’m not going to miss that one!

# Robert Eerhart responded on 23rd March 2010 with...

@Tim We’ll announce more details on April 1st (no joke). Ticket sales will start the same day.

# Richard Young responded on 23rd March 2010 with...

I’m doing the DIBI then flying back and getting on the road to EECI2010 - driving from BC to SF down the coast, so I dare say I’ll be in need of a beer or two when I get there.

In my estimation, these two events are the freshest pick of this year’s conference crop. And when you consider what’s on offer and the speaker line-up, the EECI2010 ticket price really is a complete steal.

Can’t wait!

# Ryan Battles responded on 23rd March 2010 with...

I’ll be there!  Unfortunately, I was unable to hit up SXSW this year, and all of the twitter buzz left me a little jealous.  I’m really looking forward to the sessions and informal get-togethers organized for this event.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

# Sam responded on 24th March 2010 with...

Looks like a great event, would love to be able to attend but San Fran is slightly to far for me to travel this year, although being able to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the conference hall is a very enticing concept.

# Richard Bateman responded on 5th April 2010 with...

Absolutely itching to go to this event in San Francisco. This year was a close call but due to a busy few months coming up I need to stay and here in the UK and keep an eye on a few things business wise. However, next year I have good vibes and I could finally lose my Expression Engine conference cherry. Enjoy and feed back the goodness.

# Patrick Haney responded on 6th April 2010 with...

I wish I could attend EECI this year, but I’m teaching classes and one of them falls on the Tuesday evening of the conference. It appears I will not be able to spend time with the honorable Mr. Collison once again, though it was fantastic to meet you a few weeks back here on the east coast. I’m sure we’ll make a trip to your neck of the woods eventually too.

# SJL Web Design responded on 10th April 2010 with...

Would love to come see the presentation Simon, but San Francisco is slightly too far for me to travel! Enjoy it there and best of luck with your presentation.

# WM responded on 21st April 2010 with...

Hope to see some of the presentations at slideshare! :-)

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