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Email Standards Project

29th November 2007

I appreciate most of my readership will already be aware of the freshly-launched Email Standards Project, which aims to promote better support for web standards in the many, many email tools out there. Everyone here has long championed Web Standards, and we’re just as keen to see the revolution taken on board by email client manufacturers.

The reason I - like most of my peers - are blogging about this in one mass lump is because most of us remember how Web Standards gained momentum. Yep, word of mouth, and a realisation that things could - and should - be better.

I’ve long tried to follow the advice pumped out by Campaign Monitor, but now we have a solid central resource tracking changes and issues with all the main email clients, all regularly put through a rigorous “acid test”.

A big stinging pat on the back to Freshview, Mark Wyner and Luke Stevens for setting up this project. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the email client manufacturers take note and give in to the pressure. In the meantime, help spread the word.

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# Mark Wyner responded on 29th November 2007 with...

Thanks for spreading the word, Simon. It’s great to have your support.

# Zeb responded on 20th December 2007 with...

Didn’t know; web standards matter for email until now. Great project I must say! thanks for sharing it with us.

# anzr responded on 23rd December 2007 with...

Warez Yes!

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