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I resign as an England fan

8th September 2005

No longer will I sit through these awful, unrewarding, shockingly disappointing England football (that’s soccer, yanks) matches in the feint hope that we’ll actually win something one day…

I have just watched one of the worst performances I have ever had the misfortune to see. Have the England players ever met each other? Do they recognise the colour of their own shirts? Bunch of fucking arse. Sack the manager, for he is pathetic - a quiet, uninvolving Sunday driver casually crashing our national team through apethetic management. Today I’ll draw on my Welsh roots and be Welsh. Fuck the England football team, for they are no longer worth my time. Bring on the Ashes, I’ll stick with cricket (that’s intelligent Baseball, yanks). We might actually win that. AAAAAAGGGGGHH!! I’m so pissed off with Sven! At least Notts County are top of the league... for now. Rant over.


# Daniel responded on 8th September 2005 with...

I agree

Rooney has just shown us what i have always thought of him, a useless talentless scouse. He is a thug and wont be anything else

They were pathetic!!!
Overpaid idiots if you ask me

# Tom Oakes responded on 8th September 2005 with...

Oh, what a small world it is.  Football/soccer, cricket/intelligent baseball, rugby/helmeted puff American football.

I don’t know whether it’s better to have never had a decent season at all, or to have lived your entire life in awe of a team, only to have them turn to shite in your 31st year of life, as my Nebraska Cornhuskers have done. 

You probably don’t know who they are, and that’s alright - I know nothing of English football.  Just know that you are not alone in your misery. 

I’m considering drawing on my Welsh roots and learning the rules of English football and cricket.

# Si responded on 8th September 2005 with...

Sadly I haven’t got any other roots to fall back on… I’m stuck with it

The FA need to look at appointing someone who looks like he gives a toss about England winning. If Sven had anything about him he’d actually play the team in positions close to what they actually play. Rooney is a thug. That needs to be addressed at club level, but I’m afraid I don’t think it’ll happen - look at Roy Keane, he always has been a thug and Man Utd have always been happy to sit back and do nothing about it. Same will happen with Rooney.

As an aside, I’m reading Brian Clough’s book at the moment… which has quite interesting insights into what he thought of England managers… he wasn’t too impressed by the looks of it. I think it’s all been crap since they passed him over for the job. He would have shook things up. We need someone like that now.

Gutted. We’ll get turned over by Azerbi-whatnots next

# Ash responded on 8th September 2005 with...

Agreed. It was an absolutely appalling display from the England team. But I don’t think that now is the time to lose faith. England have a habit of pulling something out of the bag at the last minute when the pressure rises, and with qualification just about within reach the next two all important games (which ever way the results go) will show what kind of state the team are currently in.

Sven deffinatly needs to sort himself out. Its quite clear that fancy formations simply don’t sit well with the England team (bring back 4-4-2 I say). Just let Stuart Pearce learn the management trade at Man City for a year or two more, then its only a matter of time (I hope).

# Simon Collison responded on 8th September 2005 with...

Ash: Stuart Pearce? Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with that. He has everything needed to galvanize the team.

Si: Cloughy ay? We do miss that man here in Nottingham. If ever there was a one-off… young man.

Tom: Nebraska what? He-he. Good luck with the campaign.

Daniel: I agree about Rooney’s temperament, but you can’t deny that on his day he’s a phenomenal striker, dribbler and battler. Shame he’s also a thick kid I suppose.

# Ash responded on 8th September 2005 with...

I could completely understand Rooney’s frustration last night. He’s a battler and a play maker not a winger and with Beckham and Wright-Phillips linking together down the right it was almost like they didn’t need Rooney at all. That said, it is inexcusable to act in the way he did. I wouldn’t really say he’s a thug, he’s just incredibly passionate.

# Daniel Oliver responded on 9th September 2005 with...

What a waste. Sven has no idea what he is doing with this team. I honestly think I could do a better job! I even won the world cup on Football Manager with England once ;)

As for Rooney. I’m no United fan, however I thought that his actions last night were 100% justified. Sven was playing him out of position, and he seemed to be the only player on the pitch playing with some heart. Something the team lack seem to lack at the best of times.

Hopefully the FA will see the light and will get on the buzzer to either myself or a half decent premiership manager with half an idea of what he is doing.

# Simon Collison responded on 9th September 2005 with...

Wow, quite a few people have backed Rooney now. I agree, we mustn’t tame him too much.

Daniel: You for England Manager eh? Would you demand a 4 million salary like the Swede? Sure you’d earn it more than he does…

# Jonathan Holst responded on 10th September 2005 with...

Sorry about the 4-1… ;-)

  - A Dane.

# Peter Holloway responded on 13th September 2005 with...

Come on folks, spare a thought for us poor N. Ireland fans! The last time I remember thinking that N.I. had a chance I was in my teens. Now I’m a 40 something. Since marrying an English girl I’ve tried cheering on the England football team with a growing sense of despair. The N.I. v England match was a must watch for me, for once I couldn’t lose!

Consider it a magnanimous gesture to a fellow British team that needed the win much more than England did. ;-)

# Matt Lindop responded on 15th September 2005 with...

After that Ashes win, football seems truly insignficant.  Rooney’s display last night confirmed what everyone already knew: the King of Chav.

There was a great little debate I caught on the radio of Tuesday morning debating who you’d rather your daughter brought home: a sober Rooney or a drunk Freddie.  No contest: arise, the greatest living Englishman (that’s Freddie)!!

# Glen Swinfield responded on 19th September 2005 with...

On paper - possibly in the top three teams in the World. So it is inexcusible that they are such utter shite.

Cricket is spot on though - I don’t remember hammered sports people on the frontpages of the tabloids being applauded before - when you are winning you can do what you like - take note Sven et al.

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