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Erskine Welcomes Jamie Pittock

5th February 2007

I’m so bloody pleased to announce that as of today, Jamie Pittock has joined Erskine Design. Quite a few of you will know Jamie as the wizard behind the recently launched and already successful ExpressionEngine resource Jambor-ee, and co-founder of the long-established music site The Beat Surrender.

I’ve followed Yorkshireman Jamie’s design path for three or four years, and kept in contact with him from the outset. As adept with JavaScript, Django, PHP, MySQL and OOP (whatever that is) as he is with web standards and content management, Jamie brings a wealth of wonder to Erskine, and he’ll be playing a major role in taking the company forwards from this point on.

Particularly exciting is the thought of two worryingly-obsessive EE nuts working together. What I can’t do with EE, he probably can - and vice versa - so heaven knows what we’ll be coming up with over the next few months. We’ve certainly got our plates full with challenging and exciting work, and we’ll be looking for a couple of young upstarts to join us in the next few months. More on that soon enough.

Myself, Jamie and Erskine partner Simon Campbell will be out and about at various UK web conferences this year, so come say “Hello”, and thrust CVs at us if you consider yourself to be a “young upstart” and/or potentially great designer/developer with an eagerness to learn.

Anyway, a very warm welcome to Jamie. Get kettle on, lad…

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