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Erskine Design v2

3rd January 2009

Approximately five minutes before we finished for Christmas and ran to the pub, we launched something we’ve been working on for over five months whenever we could - the new Erskine Design website - lets call it version 2.

Erskine Design homepage

Figure 1: The new homepage.

None of us will be going into any detail yet about the millions of decisions we made, as we’re saving that for an exclusive article elsewhere in the coming weeks or months. Still, read on for a brief explanation…

Erskine Design planning

Figure 2: The project area for our redesign.

We urgently needed to represent what Erskine has become after 28 incredibly successful and hectic months, and the old site wasn’t up to it any more. We needed to put potential clients at the heart of our decision making and how we present ourselves, our work, our abilities, our processes, our professionalism.

Erskine Design case studies

Figure 3: Our brand new Case Studies page.

This was a major collaborative effort, but mainly from myself and especially Greg at the heart of it, with added genius from Phil, Glen, Simon - well, everyone really.

As I said, I can’t say any more yet, so we’ll let the design and varied layouts do the talking. Still, do let me know what you think, if you haven’t already (and huge thanks to those that have). I should stress that its not 100% yet, as we already have numerous changes we’d like to make, and the homepage was somewhat “rushed”.

Erskine Design page layouts

Figure 4: A selection of new page layouts.


# Jeremy responded on 3rd January 2009 with...

Looks as if all the wireframes, layout comps, design decisions and time were well worth it.

Congrats, Happy New Year and love the new site.

# Richard Bateman responded on 3rd January 2009 with...

I saw this over the Christmas period and felt compelled to email you saying just how much I’m in love with the new site but didn’t in the end as I didn’t want to run the risk of sounding like an excitable dog, thus keeping my cool exterior intact.

Top work, absolutely love the overall feel of the site. Looking at it you would think it would smell of roses. Beautiful.

Cool exterior now in ruins, with a frantic tail going off on one. Officially.

# Adam responded on 4th January 2009 with...

The new site is fantastic, hearty congratulations on a job very well done!

# JamesM responded on 5th January 2009 with...

Ab-so-loot-lee love it! Seriously, fantastic job!

# Joseph Lee responded on 6th January 2009 with...

Love the case studies, beautiful work.

# Phil A responded on 13th January 2009 with...

You said the homepage was “rushed” - I think it looks ace!

I aspire to be able to design and implement my own web designs that are as good as what you guys at erskine do. Constant source of inspiration…

# Geof Harries responded on 17th January 2009 with...

I particularly like the diversity of layouts throughout the website. The new design doesn’t just look like the standard templated system (e.g. homepage, text page, form page) but rather unique ideas for each type of content being presented. Very nice!

# UCPHu responded on 19th January 2009 with...


# horoscope responded on 20th January 2009 with...

exellent article, ce post est tres bien fait, tres bon tavail horoscope gratuit

# Adrian responded on 20th January 2009 with...

Looks great, guys. I particularly like the in-depth look and feel of the case studies. I’m looking forward to the detailed explanation of what went into this site.

# Who responded on 26th January 2009 with...

I like it, the thumbs of previous clients looks hot!

# Jura responded on 29th January 2009 with...

Definitely one of my favorites. great design. simple navigation. Validated in Strict XHTML. Even more impressive with more sites trying to take the easier way out with transitional.

# Justin responded on 30th January 2009 with...

The site looks fantastic. The “About” section is my favorite part - full profile pictures add a lot more personalization in my opinion. Well done!

# Simon Collison responded on 31st January 2009 with...

Thank you everyone. You are all truly smashing.

We’re doing a few iterations after rushing a few bits and pieces, so a number of pages are gradually improving to meet our perfectionist obsessionisms.

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