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ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference

9th June 2009

The Netherlands (Leiden specifically) will be like some sort of EE honeypot on 22nd and 23rd October 2009, for the inaugural ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference (EECI2009). Here’s a bit more detail…

I’ll be speaking (yes, I know) alongside Ellislab chaps Les and Derek, and also prominent EE users such as Veerle Pieters (Duoh), Ryan Irelan (Airbag, EE Screencasts), Train-ee’s Boyink and hardcore plugin/module geniuses such as Leevi Graham and Brandon Kelly.


After the morning presentations, the afternoon splits into two tracks - one for EE and one for CodeIgniter, and the following day will be chock-full of workshops (details on those to be announced soon).

I rarely get to travel anywhere outside the UK, so I’m excited, and hope to see lots of familiar and new EE faces at the conference. I know it’s a long way to the Netherlands for most folks, but if you can make it, I know it’ll be worth the effort. To book, visit the ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference website for early bird savings.

A huge well done to Robert and co at Whoooz! for their efforts so far in putting this significant event together.


# Matthew Pennell responded on 10th June 2009 with...

It looks like being a great couple of days, although I’d really like to see some information on just what people are going to be talking and workshopping on. I think I’ll be there regardless, though.

# Diety responded on 10th June 2009 with...

Do you need to sign up for it somewhere? Or will it be fine if I just arrive without a notice?

# Scommesse Sportive responded on 10th June 2009 with...

Thanks for sharing, nice blog

# Robby responded on 13th June 2009 with...

Thanks for the very useful information, as I am very new at this all the great info I can get is very much appreciated.

# Stancje responded on 18th June 2009 with...

Will there be any way to see it online? Or could you maybe post a video of your speech once you get back? I’d appreciate that.

# James John Malcolm responded on 18th June 2009 with...

Would you (and Matthew, Veerle, others?) like to meet up in a pub in Leiden, I can’t make the conference, but could spare some time meeting up. I think it’d be fun!

# SJL Web Design responded on 27th June 2009 with...

It would be excellent if you could post some videos from the conference, as I imagine a few of us are going to struggle to make it to Leiden.

# Simon Collison responded on 29th June 2009 with...

Matthew Pennell: I very much hope you do make it over. I have had a few discussions with the organisers about presentations and workshops, and I’m not 100% sure when they’ll release details, but so far I think its all being thought out very carefully. At least they’re asking our advice and trying to make sure its all joined up.

Diety: You’d need to check with the organisers, but I assume you need to register.

James John Malcolm: Sure. Meeting up would be good. I know from experience that its difficult to stay on track at conferences, and sometimes its hard to break away. Get in touch nearer the time and we can try and work it out.

Stancje and SJL Web Design: I can’t say myself if they’ll be releasing audio/video - you’d need to ask the organisers.

# Alistair responded on 7th July 2009 with...

I hope they release some audio or video, sounds like it will be a great conference. Good luck with your presentation too.

# James John Malcolm responded on 7th July 2009 with...

Simon: Will do!

# Rak Design responded on 9th July 2009 with...

Looks like it will be a great conference, shame it’s out of my reach! Would have loved to of attended, but I wouldn’t be able to get out of the office! I will keep my eyes peeled for some video/audio. All the best!

# Rak Design responded on 9th July 2009 with...

I might actually be able to come, I have some time to take off work, fingers crossed!

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