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Fuel Conference

3rd June 2008

Over at Erskine, things are going well and the team is growing. But we’re a restless bunch, itching to realise a few of our crazier ideas and step up to the next level. Aware that hard work and great ideas aren’t necessarily enough on their own, we’re going to the inaugural Fuel Conference in London on Friday 13th June, in search of some inspiration…

Fuel Conference

Fuel is a “one-day conference for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make their companies, services and products truly remarkable”, with a focus on “social marketing, online communities, twitter, blogging, video, grabbing the limelight, web apps, transparency, the new rules of business, productivity” and plenty more.

Judging by the speakers I’m expecting some pretty solid case studies and blueprints for world domination, with the likes of Carsonified, Virgin, Poke, Innocent Drinks (I love the Strawberry and Banana) and Moo presenting their thoughts and experiences.

Its £195 (inc VAT) and therefore definitely worth a punt if you’re considering moving away from just doing client work and need to make a few of your own ideas come to fruition.

Fuel Conference

Please note that I am blogging about Fuel as the organiser is a friend. No incentives have been offered. I know how suspicious some folks can be.

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