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Future Of Web Apps Tour

11th February 2009

Extra bit of speaking news. I’ll be presenting Knowing Your Audience on the Leeds leg of the freshly-announced Future Of Web Apps Tour, landing in Yorkshire on 28th May 2009. The tour also takes in Edinburgh, Bristol and Cambridge. Hoping I genuinely get picked up in a double-decker bus, but more likely it’ll be the train. See you there?


# Sam Hardacre responded on 11th February 2009 with...

If the double decker appears, look out for Cliff ;)

# jura responded on 12th February 2009 with...

I will have to catch the re-caps and blog posts about your speech. Would have liked to hear your talking points in person on “evaluating” an audience, which is an instinct I tend not to be equipped with naturally. Also how the Frieze project matured. Looks great from the outside, but behind those closed doors is a whole different story I’m sure.

# ldbwliuiw responded on 6th March 2009 with...

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# Frank White responded on 6th March 2009 with...

Free workshop in Leeds coming up in May? I’ll do my best to be there. BTW, I tried to go to Erskine Design and I got some sort of database error.

# Simon Collison responded on 6th March 2009 with...

Frank: Yep, we have a problem with one of our servers. Its being resolved.

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