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Future Of Web Design Tour

9th June 2009

It’s turning into a busy speaking year. As well as a few business and university talks, I recently presented as part of the Future Of Web Apps Tour, which went down a treat. I’ve got @Media coming up in a couple of weeks, and something special in October (more soon).

Today, the first Future Of Web Design Tour was announced, and I’ll be presenting and workshopping alongside such fine speakers at Paul Annett and Brendan Dawes. Here’s a bit more detail about the FOWD stuff…

Developing Your Ultimate Package

In the morning I’ll be doing a workshop/tutorial exploring the importance of convention, order and understanding in design and development. At FOWA in May, I briefly revealed our Ultimate Package to attendees, and it got people talking. Now at FOWD, I’ll reveal more about our approach to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other conventions, and help you explore ways of creating and evolving your own Ultimate Package, and discuss the benefits of this to design and development teams going forwards.

Bauhaus Ideology and the Future of Web Design

In the afternoon, I’ll hit attendees with a bit of art theory. Don’t worry - its good. The Bauhaus ethic applied principles such as “honesty of construction”, “truth to materials” and “form follows function” to design. Its teachers placed emphasis on ideas, expression, simplicity and a holistic approach to art, architecture, graphic and product design. This was modernism.

The talk will pose the question: What if web design existed in the 1930s? How might Bauhaus ideology have taken it into the future? I’ll do my best to avoid the numbing history lesson and plunge directly into a manifesto for current and future web design practice, finding usable examples and ideas along the way.

Visit the Future Of Web Design Tour 2009 website to book a seat for the Leeds leg where I’ll be, or maybe the Glasgow, Belfast or Bristol events.


# Sean Johnson responded on 9th June 2009 with...

Looking forward to @media
will come and say hello :)

# Pozycjonowanie responded on 22nd June 2009 with...

Oh, I see you’re choosing a little different approach to the whole thing. Good, maybe people’ll get some new ideas than from usual articles/presentations

# Internetagentur Köln responded on 23rd June 2009 with...

very nice article, thanks a lot. I am curious
on the results. Greetings from germany

# SJL Web Design responded on 26th June 2009 with...

I couldn’t make it this year, however I’m planning on attending next year!

# Firebubble Design responded on 2nd July 2009 with...

Very interesting blog, I would have loved to have attended

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