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Godfather 2, Superman 2, Empire Strikes Back… and Pro CSS Techniques

21st December 2006

Finally, the sequel. Where Beginning CSS Web Development offered A New Hope, the Empire now Strikes Back with Pro CSS Techniques, a darker, more complex twist in the grand CSS fairy tale.

Beginning CSS and Pro CSS Techniques

I know I am biased, seeing as I penned the first installment, but having finally taken delivery of Pro CSS Techniques I am hugely excited about the contents, and can’t help thinking what an attractive, complimentary pair of books they really are.

Congrats to Jeff Croft, Ian Lloyd and Dan Rubin for plugging the remaining gaps in CSS book-based knowhow (discounting Clarkey’s era-defining Transcending CSS which is a whole new blog post).

Look out for the third installment - CSS For Ewoks hitting book stores sometime in 2007… possibly. Jabba, jabba, jabba.


# Jeff Croft responded on 21st December 2006 with...

Thanks so much, man!

And yeah, damn Andy Clarke for his bad timing on his beautiful book! :) Seriously—I think the audiences are a bit different. Pro CSS Techniques is aimed at web pros who have a basic understanding of CSS, but haven’t really jumped into it’s advanced uses. Transcending CSS seems more aimed at designers who are very experienced with CSS and want to go super-advanced. It also focuses more on design than code, whereas Pro CSS Techniques is a code book first.

Great photo, too—the books do look nice together, don’t they? :)

# Richard responded on 21st December 2006 with...

Christmas shopping list now completed, is it so bad to buy themselves a small gift?

Joking aside, I’ve just finished reading/studying your book (Novice to Pro)and it’s fantastic. Good work there Colly. Read it in two weeks and spent many an hour after work going through it so I will have to put the sequal on hold until Q1 2007 - I owe the time to the missus.

Have a good new year and thanks again for a great CSS book.

# Derek Allard responded on 21st December 2006 with...

Well, Pro CSS techniques does seem an excellent book, but there sure is a lot to live up to!

Incidentally, I’ve already pre-ordered by copy of CSS for Ewoks (considering how good PHP for Ewoks was, it was an easy decision).

# Sean Johnson responded on 21st December 2006 with...

maybe the Return of The Jedi is sooner than you think Si,

# Malarkey responded on 21st December 2006 with...

(Jeff Croft) “Colly, pull out! You’re not doing any good back there!”

Cue Star Wars related inuendos :)

# Karl responded on 21st December 2006 with...

My love of books says I should get the Pro book to compliment yours but my wallet says “No”. I think I need to get my hands on a copy first. Malarkey’s book on the other hand… the heart is beating the wallet into the ground and looking for a fat man in a red outfit to mug ;-)

# Andy responded on 21st December 2006 with...


# Simon Collison responded on 21st December 2006 with...

Laugh it up, fuzzballs…

# Matthew Pennell responded on 21st December 2006 with...

CSS For Ewoks hitting book stores sometime in 2007

CSS by furry, bad-tempered little guys? It’ll never catch on... ;)

# Karl responded on 21st December 2006 with...

hehe, I’m still waiting for Bryan’s book.

# Nate K responded on 21st December 2006 with...

They look so cute together like that. aww.

Still waiting for my copy of Pro CSS, then, I will set it next to Beginning CSS on my bookshelf. Together at last.

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