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Simon Collison | Colly | Journal | Gone to Print…
This is the celebrated journal of Mr. Simon Collison A.K.A Colly

Gone to Print…

5th August 2006

Some (most?) of you probably know that I have written a book. It has taken seven months of blood, sweat and beers, but today Beginning CSS Web Development has finally gone to print.

It has been hard work, long nights, a huge strain on my relationship, and I have barely seen my family and friends. I don’t know how I managed to stick to the schedule, although it is probably down to the brilliant team at Apress. A few authors told me tales of horror and woe, and that publishers are difficult, demanding and will rewrite whole sections just prior to printing, but this is the antethesis of my experience. I’ve cried a couple of times when I didn’t think I could do it, but the Apress team were wonderfully supportive and flexible with my deadlines. If ever Apress approach you to write a book, say “Yes” immediately.

The result is a book I’m incredibly proud of, and much more comprehensive (and funnier, I think) than I hoped it would be. It is aimed at beginners/intermediates, but several “pros” have read it and learned a thing or two. You can read more at the official book site, but I will add that I don’t see it as limited to beginners. It is a comprehensive overview of good CSS practice, and it doesn’t shy away from exploding the myths or explaining some of the more complex CSS approaches. I won’t say it is advanced, but it is bloody thorough, and goes way beyond the scope of the average CSS book.

With solid technical reviewing from Dan Rubin and Richard Rutter, plus a typically idiosyncratic foreword from Malarkey, it all ended up being a complete thrill.

I’ll write more when it is published at the end of the month, but for now, get on over to the book site and enter one of the competitions, sign up for updates, or browse the table of contents. A couple of chapter downloads will also be available in the next few days.

If you really want to help, there is a comprehensive suite of Amazon links. Oh, go on! I don’t ask for much, and you’ll bloody love it!



# Carolyn responded on 5th August 2006 with...

I’ve written a book, too, on an entirely different subject, and in those last weeks, I cried, too. You may have been joking about the crying part█I don’t know. But, I really did cry a couple of times. I never saw my friends, my home was neglected, thank goodness I didn’t have any children or they would have run away from home. But I sent it out into the world and then had the joy of knowing it sort of developed a life of its own and entered and affected the lives of lots of people. I’m really looking forward to reading yours and I’ll definitely use your Amazon link….though I might investigate those contests first. :)

Dan Rubin

# Dan Rubin responded on 5th August 2006 with...

Congrats indeed! It was really a treat getting to help out, I only wish that Rutter fellow would’ve let me have more of the chapters :P

I can’t wait for the book to hit the shelves, I’ve already started recommending it in advance to clients and friends.

David Hughes

# David Hughes responded on 5th August 2006 with...

Congratulations Simon!

That is an awesome achievement. I’m hugely impressed by anybody that can actually sit down and write a book.

I’ve been dragging around an idea for a novel for a couple of years now and have got no closer to actullay turning it into anything.

Well done…

Ben Ward

# Ben Ward responded on 5th August 2006 with...

Congratulations Colly, that’s great news.

Now, go celebrate with some beer and a trip to your CD retailer of choice. That’s what I’m going to do anyway¸ because of the book¸ obviously¸ it wasn’t already my plan at all.



# Malarkey responded on 5th August 2006 with...

It’s finished? You b*stard! ;)
I can’t wait to see it print!

Simon Clayson

# Simon Clayson responded on 7th August 2006 with...

Can I get my copy signed?


# Hard responded on 7th August 2006 with...

gravatar, yes

Simon Collison

# Simon Collison responded on 8th August 2006 with...

Carolyn: It genuinely makes me feel better to read of others experiencing the same pain!

David: Thanks. I’m reet proud. As for you, get that novel written! I’ll buy it…

Ben: Erm, I don’t buy CDs any more. I should add that I do of course acquire my downloads legally. Ahem…

Simon: Signed? Of course, in exchange for some ego wax. That’ll impress them in the coffee shops of Nottingham…

Hard: Eh?


# Jharr responded on 8th August 2006 with...

Congrats, looking forward to checking it out!

Veerle Pieters

# Veerle Pieters responded on 8th August 2006 with...

Congrats Simon, try to relax a bit now :)


# Olly responded on 10th August 2006 with...

Well done Simon. Knew you’d do it, you are the most dedicated and responsible man I know.

Simon Collison

# Simon Collison responded on 11th August 2006 with...

Veerle: Thanks. Not that much time to relax - I have to catch up with everything I was forced to ignore - like that certain job you and I have to get done…

Olly: “Dedicated” meaning I ain’t been down the pub enough lately? “Responsible” meaning my public facade is obviously intact, despite me being shite privately. (Readers - Olly is my best mate, so he knows)


# Tran responded on 14th August 2006 with...

My congrats! And when your book will be available for purchase?

Phil Pickering

# Phil Pickering responded on 28th August 2006 with...

Just to let you know… the book is out in the wild :)

Looks great so far ;)

Simon Collison

# Simon Collison responded on 28th August 2006 with...

Phil: So I hear. The editor got his copy last week, and it’s selling on Amazon UK, but I still haven’t got a copy yet! Blub.

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