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Great Expectations

29th September 2006

There are a few things I’d love to write about, but can’t - not until Monday. So, for now I’ll share something very personal. Here are the lyrics to a song about a man who imagines he’s married his girlfriend on a nightbus. This song reflects where my head is at right now, on many levels. This may not be what you assume. I’d tell you who the song is by, but then it wouldn’t be mine any more…

And if it rains all day
Call on you I’ll call on you
Like I used to
Slide down beside and wrap you in stories
Tailored entirely for you
I’ll remind you
We exchanged a vow
I love you I always will

A call girl with yesterday eyes
Was our witness and priest
Stockport supporters club kindly supplied us a choir
Your veil was your smile
As we move down the aisle
Of the last bus home
And this is where I go
Just when it rains

Blinking and stoned
Rain in your hair
You only smoke ‘cause it’s something to share
Singing bring on the night
To have and to hold
The sodium light turning silver to gold

Spitfire thin and strung like a violin
I was
Yours was the face with a grace
From a different age
You were the sun in my Sunday morning
You were the sun in my Sunday morning
Telling me never to go
So I’ll live on the smile
And move down the aisle
Of the last bus home
And if you’re running late
This is where I’ll go
Know I’ll always wait

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