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Heroes of Burgertown

25th September 2008

Ok, lets put personal crisis (read “cry-seas”) to one side and get back to some blogging, beginning with hot news of Heroes of Burgertown from the funny doodly chap who lives in the corner of our office - the man they call Jon Burgerman, because it is his name.

Heroes of Burgertown

I’m thrilled for Jon, as these little critters have been in design, production and general flux for nearly five years. Some of you will know I’m a misguided fan of such “adult toys” (steady) and I have a fair old collection. No, I don’t know why either. I think its because they’re cute, have interesting backstories, and mainly because I get them as payment for websites rather often.

Anyway, they arrived in the office yesterday and our chum Jon was all giddy and weak-kneed with childlike excitement. Kind of like a proud father of multi-tuplets or whatever. I recall these toys being primed for mass production when I built his site in 2004, so it certainly has been a long period of labour.

They’re exquisitely made by the fine folks over at Kid Robot (about whom I have written before), come with little descriptive cards, foil-packed in nice boxes. You’ll want one, you’ll want them all. Or you may not. We’re all different.

Heroes of Burgertown

You can adopt them via Jon’s site should you be so taken. I have a suspicion that these will be (as they say) big in Japan.

By the way, soon I’ll blog about the forthcoming enormous book all about Jon’s work over the last few years. Its a weighty tome full of creative idiosyncrasies that really does him proud. I’ve seen a copy (and even get a credit inside - yippee) and its a fine retrospective.


# Richard Bateman responded on 26th September 2008 with...

These are great. I’m such a huge fan of both Kid Robot and Jon’s work. A perfect combination. Lovely stuff!

# Simon responded on 26th September 2008 with...

These are great - I especially like all the backstories on Jon’s site… So, watching a lot of quiz shows, eh? We all thought you were busy crafting websites!

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