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I finally own the house that I have lived in since 2003

26th June 2007

I’ve just returned from my first week off since Summer 2006. I turned off the wifi, closed the email and didn’t open Safari once. I’d aimed to completely bury the laptop for the whole week, but then I realised that just about every new album I’ve acquired since 2004 is digital, and modern man cannot live without iTunes.

Still, I had a rest, which is just as well as I was about ready to collapse through over-work. All in all I had a good, but mixed week, and close friends will know what I’m referring to there.

Anyway, last Friday I finally received confirmation that I now own the wonderful house that I have lived in for the last four and a half years. Buying a house in the UK is not an easy process, so I’m thrilled, even if it has taken an exhausting six months.

I bought the house from my good friends Si and Cass (that was the easy bit), but not so easy was securing a pretty large mortgage owing to my chequered personal borrowing history. I should therefore mention that it would not have been possible without my incredible mortgage advisor. Quite simply, if you are ever, ever, ever considering getting a mortgage, email me and I will put you in contact with this guy… he is a genius - and cheap! I’m even gonna build him a website for free - he’s that good.

My house

Shame the weather was so dull when I took the photograph below, but then it has rained every day here for weeks. Bah! So, my house is now my home. I’ve a huge amount of work to do on the place, and due to the hectic state of my agency, it’ll probably take a few years, but I’ll get there (maybe I’ll use Basecamp). Hey, at least my garden is in full bloom.


# paul haine responded on 26th June 2007 with...

“The dude owns property”

Congratulations. One day I hope to also own property, though to be honest I’d settle for a room in a shared house where the rain doesn’t come in through the ceiling.

# Eystein responded on 26th June 2007 with...

Congratulations from Norway! It must feel good, and a little scary. Don’t get to carried away with the renovations, sometimes it’s better to just sit down in your old couch and relax ;-)

# Si Jobling responded on 26th June 2007 with...

Congratulations on the house purchase!

I’m glad I’m not the only one having kittens at the moment, thanks to the immense fun that is the UK mortgage application system.

Now you’re on the ladder, I suggest you at least stay in that new home of yours for a good few years to make the most out of that mortgage. It looks like you’re going to have some fun renovating though. A classic Victorian build has plenty of character waiting to be harnessed.

# Richard B responded on 26th June 2007 with...

Big up the Colly! Congratulations man. Do you still have hair left then?

When I bought my place three years ago I had more ups and downs that an over designed rollercoaster. It’s hard work I tell ye.

But it’s a good feeling though knowing you own a place and have a real investment in something. A little bit of security is good for man.

Once again congratulations. The cats will be pleased!

# Carolyn Wood responded on 26th June 2007 with...

Well, there will always be things to do, it’s endless, but for some of us, that’s true no matter what area of life you look at.
I discovered a few weeks ago (?) in Flickr that we’re both descendants of bricklayers, so I think the brick is an important feature. :)
The best moments for me: summer, sun just about to set, sitting out back by the flowers and talking with friends; having people over for dinner at the big dining room table; curled up under blankets with husband and the dogs watching a good movie on a rainy winter night (okay, the dogs aren’t watching); just appreciating the art I’ve got on my walls and the colors of things I’ve chosen over time; having everyone leave so I have the place to myself! So, it’s still all beat-up inside and I don’t have enough money for a number of things I’d like, I ignore those parts. My newest goal is to make sure I don’t have anything tucked away for the future sometime—that if I’ve got anything good it’s out where I can see it and use it. I hope you have great, memorable times in your home and that it becomes more and more a place of creativity, warmth, friendship, and, when you want it, peace.

# patrick h. lauke responded on 26th June 2007 with...

so, your bank owns the house now, and you’re allowed to live in it as long as you keep up your mortgage payments :)

# Simon responded on 26th June 2007 with...


I’m sure you’ll have fun renovating, my other half and I own a similar terraced house (albeit in the county next door). We’ve been in there for 2-and-a-half years, and there’s still a lot to do. So far, the ever-expanding list of improvements have been: New roof (!), New central heating system, boarded loft, renovated bathroom, 2 bedrooms and half the garden have been done. Just got the kitchen and the rest of downstairs to finish (including a bit of damp to sort)... sometimes I wonder why we ever took it on, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s hard work, but I’ve picked up lots of skills that I can use in future. Nothing beats living in your own (well, bank-owned for the next couple of decades) pad. Enjoy!

P.S. I’m sure you’ll have more luck than I’ve had. It’s great that you know just who you bought the house from. It’s just my luck to have bought a house from a convicted armed robber. Just imagine how great it is to have a large group of police officers come to your house looking for a firearm and munitions…

P.P.S. I’m due a remortgage sometime soonish - I’d really like to know who your mortgage broker is!

# Richard Rutter responded on 26th June 2007 with...

Nice one Colly. It does indeed look like a massive house. So then… I know you’ve not just moved in, but normally when one buys a house there comes a HOUSE WARMING!

# Chandra responded on 27th June 2007 with...

Congratulations Colly.
so, we may expect few more CSS books soon :)

# Avinash responded on 27th June 2007 with...

Congratulations! :)

Nice greenery!

# Andrew Strachan responded on 28th June 2007 with...

Well done - getting that first foot on the property ladder is no mean feat these days!

Great poster too - “My Goodness - My Guinness!”

# Tomasz Gorski responded on 30th June 2007 with...

Congratulations Simon “Hey, at least my garden is in full bloom.” Yes it looks really nice! btw. Chandra - Yes maybe we will see some new book:)

# serg responded on 1st July 2007 with...

My congratulations to you!!! I have the same dream, that some day I will live with my wife in a big house of our dreams!!!

# Internet solution responded on 3rd July 2007 with...

Congrats on getting the house man.

# Obama responded on 8th July 2007 with...

What do you think the most money saving thing was that you learned out of this whole process or from your advisor? I’m not sure how much houses cost in your area, but I’d have to be marrried with 2 incomes, and pay till I’m 60 to get a house here in California.

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