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I had a wheelbarrow…

16th March 2006

I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off. Today I received an email from long-time reader Jeremy Harrington of crawlspace|media, alerting me to some new, rather snazzy icons he and the team had created:

Not sure if you’re a Premier League fan (this is English football, dear American friends - ED), but I’ve posted some icons for the teams if you are interested.

Well, “No I’m not interested ...” says I by return, “... unless you are prepared to create one for my beloved Notts County (oldest club in the world, and a mere three leagues below the Premiership). “I’d be delighted”, replies Jeremy - and three hours later, this arrived:

Notts County icons

So, the least I can do is steer some of you over to crawlspace|media for such icon goodness as the aforementioned Premier League icons, plus wonderful NetNewsWire, battery and iPod icons, desktops and much more skillfully produced goodness.

I suggest you don’t assume Jeremy is able to produce icons especially for your third-rate football team though, as he probably can’t, and will end up blaming me. You could always pay him, of course…


# Jimmy Nordlund responded on 16th March 2006 with...

Thanks for the tip! Those NetNewsWire icons are great.

# Heiko responded on 16th March 2006 with...

Those new icons are looking pretty nice. Excellent job!

# Simon Jobling responded on 16th March 2006 with...

He certainly has a nack for creating good icons, and those skills are improved by emulating some of England’s “finest” exports. My only gripe is that he wasted his good time on the not-so-good Notts County when he should be spending more time on the other side of the Trent - in Derby that is!

This is going to cause some serious rivalry at the next Multipack meeting...

# Ben Ward responded on 16th March 2006 with...

Oh dear, and to think we’d been getting on so well, Colly. As a man watching the band on the other side of the Trent I fear I’m contractually obliged to hate you.

That said, it’s a while since I’ve been a particularly close follower of the beautiful game so perhaps the rules can be relaxed˜

The thought occurs that you must’ve hated that nickname thieving Stan Collymore rather more than most? Back in the day, of course, before we hated him too.

On topic: The icon is mint, even if I’m entirely sure what I’d use it for. (Oooh, I could say ŒI’d make a good trash iconà couldn’t I? Oooh˜)

# Simon Jobling responded on 16th March 2006 with...

Ben: Which “band on the other side of the Trent” are you talking about? Are you still on “that” side of the M1 or are you on the Dark Side?

# Ben Ward responded on 17th March 2006 with...

My Dad grew up in Nottingham and I was raised supporting Forest. As a child they were the first team I was taken to see. We got stuffed 5-2 by Sheffield United.

And so my love affair with relegation began. No, wait˜ Oh.

# Simon Jobling responded on 17th March 2006 with...

So my beef is with you more than Colly! What are the chances of finding three rival football clubs on a blog about icons? It just proves how small this Web thing really is.

# Simon responded on 17th March 2006 with...

Wow, nice icons!

I can sort of add to the rival clubs thing… I’ve lived in Leicester, Notts and Derby. I’ve got a soft spot for Forest, and the first match I went to see was my beloved Bolton Wanderers play Notts County in the league (I’ve supported them since they were in the third).

We battered County. It was great! Sorry Colly! If it’s any consolation, pretty much every match I’ve been to since, I’ve seen them lose - it’s lucky I live in’t Midlands and don’t go back home much.


# Simon Jobling responded on 17th March 2006 with...

What’s with all the Simons from or living in the Midlands? Were all our parents friends at one point and thought that it would funny to just name all boys the same?

Even scarier that we all turned out to be nerds. Not so simple now eh?

# Kitsimons responded on 18th March 2006 with...

Another Simon from the Midlands here. Must be something in the water.

Nice icons. No Leicester City though dammit!

# Simon Collison responded on 18th March 2006 with...

Oh blimey. I’ve opened a can of worms amongst a number of Midlands-based Simons, it seems.

Thanks for all your kind words about Notts County. You’re all disguising your respect very thinly. Note that Bolton stole Big Sam off’ve us whilst he was under contract, but I do like Bolton (used to go out with a fine Bolton lass a few years back), and I buy Warburton’s bread.

Forest fans: Only interested in themselves and their club. Never care about Notts County, even though Notts fans always tend to care about how Forest are doing. Mostly thick too.

Derby fans: Sheep-shagging bastards. Always assume they’re gonna be promoted, like it’s a God-given right, even with a few games to go and lying 18th in the table.

Leicester fans: Erm, too non-descript for any abuse really. Err, crisp-eating bastards? No, that doesn’t work.

# Simon Jobling responded on 18th March 2006 with...

Interesting analysis of your Midlands counterparts there Colly but you seem to be missing one vital point - position in The Football League.

I’ll leave you with that thought…....

(PS. Derby aren’t expecting any miracles at this stage of the season. We’re just glad that Mr Westley has managed to pull us away from the prospects of joining your boys next season and hold our position in the most “exciting league in the UK”.)

Have fun.

# Ben Ward responded on 18th March 2006 with...

Since I grew up some way away from Nottingham (Cambridge) I never really came across much serious County/Forest rivalry. Apart from one incident as a child when Dad scolded me for abbreviating to “Notts Forest”. I never made that mistake again˜

At school I only knew a couple of other Forest fans (one of whom defected to Chelsea, when the ‘your team sucks’ abuse from every other child in the school got too much).

Factor in how out of touch I am with football and sadly it makes me a bit of a weak nemesis.

# Stuart Maynard-Keene responded on 19th March 2006 with...

Reading through these comments it makes me glad I support the best team in the Midlands ;-). Oh what’s that I can hear, Miller just scored to make it Reading 1 Wolves 1. Come on you Wolves!

# Alexander Kinnunen responded on 19th March 2006 with...

Really good!

# Stu Hall responded on 20th March 2006 with...

Unfortunately I have to break the sad news to you that Notts County is not the oldest club in the world; that title belongs to Sheffield FC, a fact I discovered to my cost in a pub quiz. You can claim Juventus copied your kit though can’t you, that’s not a bad claim.

I have to agree with your summary of Leicester (sorry: ‘Leicestoh’) fans though, stupid crisp-eating bastards. Hey that’ll be a proud day for you when opposing fans start chanting that one won’t it?

# Kitsimons responded on 21st March 2006 with...

Crisp-eating bastards are we? A nice, inventive insult I have to confess. Though our prodigal son, Mr Lineker has endured worse.

Stu - surely you meant ‘Lestah’?

# Doug responded on 21st March 2006 with...

I hate you, you are bad man. Doug Monahan

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