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The Future of Web Design conference 2008

19th April 2008

This year’s Future Of Web Design (London) was an almost complete success. I’d love to explain at length why talks by Hicks, Budd, Burka and most others were so fantastic (or at least reassuring), but in truth, I’m burned out on a diet of too much alcohol and way too little sleep. I think an impromptu gate-crashing of Pub Standards followed by late bar mayhem with my fellow alcoholics and assorted geeks is ultimately to blame. Not hungover, just sort of… fermenting. Relieved I didn’t have to do a turn this year.

Most folks I spoke to seemed really upbeat and positive about this year’s event. Anyway, the ever-giving Mr. Keith has wrapped it all up for you via some accurate live-blogging, so I don’t feel the need to write anything particularly insightful today. Time for a bath, then time to sleep in my own bed.

Still, I would like to extend my thanks to all the folks I caught up with again, and all the new folks I met, and those of you who presented me with gifts (wonderful). Apologies to those who I’d forgotten I’d already met! My bad. I failed to respond to Tweets, or introduce people, or even be gracious in conversation at times, but I hope you’ll forgive me. The nurses don’t let me out very often, you see.

Oh, and steer clear of asparagus as a pizza topping. The colour is one thing, but the smell was rather too much at 7am.


# Sam Hardacre responded on 19th April 2008 with...

Hey Colly,

I saw you and the rest of the Erskine gang a few times and was going to come over and say hi but I kept thinking you were all in deep conversation and that I’d be butting in : S next time I’ll just say fuck it and come over anyway

# Tim Van Damme responded on 19th April 2008 with...

Hey Simon! Thanks for all the laughs, and for just being an incredible nice guy! Same goes for the entire Erskine-crew. A well-oiled team of loonatics who love their craft. I’m looking forward to @Media…

# Sam Brown responded on 20th April 2008 with...

Had good times with the Erskine’s at our impromptu after-party, fortunately no pizza worries for me the morning after!

Still got schwag left over, will send some down your way!

# Jo Andrews responded on 21st April 2008 with...


Thanks for coming along to FOWD and for your comments! See you soon :)

# Bedava ilan ver responded on 5th May 2008 with...

Woah, that is a great freaking list!! I now know what I’ll be reading over this weekend.

# hillos responded on 5th May 2008 with...

the headline confused me at first, but i enjoyed reading that post. thanks a lot :)

# Super Mario responded on 6th May 2008 with...

Congrats on your great presentation.

# jamir responded on 9th May 2008 with...

i like conferences like that :)
when is the next one?

# prom_updos responded on 12th May 2008 with...

Topic is very informative. Thanks.

# Sony guy responded on 14th May 2008 with...

Thanx for the post

# Pebbles responded on 15th May 2008 with...

Sounds like you had a great time, weird pizza not-withstanding.  My favorite pizza is “hawaiin” with pineapple and ham.

# Sara responded on 18th May 2008 with...

Great! ;)

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