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12th May 2006

Get your credit cards out, because Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML and CSS is now available. Penned by Koala-hugging Britpacker Ian Lloyd, this book is a must for anyone who is either beginning web design from scratch, or turning their back on the outdated methods of the past and taking the responsible route…

Ian says that the book covers all the basics, and I’m particularly excited as it has great emphasis on well-formed (X)HTML (and coming from the man behind Accessify, that’s gotta be a good). One of the things that worried me about the book I’m writing is that there’s little room to cover XHTML if I’m to fully explore CSS, so I see Ian’s new book as the perfect starting point.


Obviously, once you’ve read Ian’s tome, and moved on to mine for a bit more CSS, you can round off your thirst for knowledge with Andy’s CSS Mastery, and end up a genius. Probably.

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