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Libs site nominated for NME award

1st February 2005

The Libertines official site is one of five to be nominated for the forthcoming NME Awards. After a reader vote, all the possibles have been whittled down into actuals, and if you desire, you can vote here (the band have a whopping 10 noms).

vote Libs

Now, will they let us go to the ceremony?


# John Oxton responded on 1st February 2005 with...

You got my vote ;)

# James responded on 2nd February 2005 with...

That is very rock and roll. Well done. Have just voted for the Libertines site, but not in any other categories - not really a fan. Is Docherty still going out with Kate Moss? Swine.

# Simon Collison responded on 2nd February 2005 with...

Kate and the Crackhead, as The Sun put it? Yes, I believe so. Check out that picture, and the fact that my cheeky colleague uploaded it and added “Kate and Pete (shown here at actual size)”.

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