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22nd June 2005

Closing date is the 25th June, but after sharing the first 23 submissions with the boys in the office, I was keen to get some feedback from you lot. Some are great, some maybe not so, and one is an in-joke.

If you fancy submitting a design, view the rules. Next week I’ll post them all again with credits, and will name the top three, including the winner. In the meantime, keep ‘em coming, and let me know what you think so far. Be honest but fair!

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# Simon Snorkeller responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

1. Quite tidy, if a little bit dull. Looks similar in style to some of the 37 Signals stuff, but without the smooth icons.

2. Nice work from Mr Hicks, I’m guessing. Perhaps a little tighter between the T and A of Standards. I think I’d use this one, but try the marble on the left of the text. Did I say marble? It certainly reminds me of the Marbles credit card marble too.

3. Doesn’t really say anything, and loses points for getting the name wrong!

4. Really nice concept (road sign and angle brackets) though the execution isn’t quite ringing my bell. I could imagine the same thing in proper road sign colours (red/white or gay dad blue/white) working very well.

5. Sorry.

6. Nice concept, but looks a little on-the-wonk, somehow. Think the angle brackets need re-drawing , and it reads as standar - ds.

7. Now, this is more like it!

8. Too complicated, but nice to see the “simplified” emphasised, as that’s surely the heart of the project.

9. That’s just cheating.

10. I think the emphasis is the wrong way round, and it looks a bit floral.

11. It’s not tickling my fancy.

12. That’s the badger, and I’m liking Brush Script, used in anger.

13. I think I’ve seen this before somewhere. Anyone help me out?

14. Nice a simple, and makes the “simplified” stand out, simply.

15. Dear, dear me.

16. “Simplified Standards” is accepted at the following retail outlets.”

17. “I see you’re designing a logo.”

18. Erm, not sure what to say.

19. Is it supposed to be a book?

20 and 21. Make it stop.

22. Bobbins.

23. Nice work fella. The heart is quite Habitat, but that’s no bad thing. Like the colours too. Third place for me, after Hicks and yours truly.

# Ben Ward responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

I shan’t provide an appraisal of each and every one, having just discovered what a pain in the arse it is to keep scrolling up and down whilst reading Simon’s comments above.

Two stand out for me: Numbers 06 and 10. The colours and typefaces on both complement each other very well indeed, I’m also a sucker for green. The angle brackets in 06 work quite well for me although I think the ‘SS’ in number 10 is gorgeous and wins it by a clear length.

Number 23 would get my bronze medal, if I had such a thing.

I’m also putting virtual money on numbers 02 and 10 being by the same artist (though seeing as last time I did that I identified Andy Clarke as Colly, maybe I shouldn’t).

# Alex Armstrong responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

I’m liking in no order 23, 2 and 4 but I’m a sucker for light typefaces.

But I also feel like I’m missing something… A BADGER? Badgers have always struck me as fairly complex animals.

Would the designer mind explaining this choice of mammal?

# Lee Hickman responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

1. Nice and clean - dull as dish water - same thing I guess!

2. Looks to much like a financial services organisation for me.

3. And the name is…

4. Low rent guide book

5. ?

6. Colours are awful

7. I recognise this work..

8. Anyone for squash?

9. Tutankhamen

10. Hmmm Nescafe. I’m sure I’ve seen S’s like these in a million and one coffee shops

11. I read this as simplifted for some reason?

12. Lovely stuff

13. “Have you been involved in an accident in the last 50 years”? If so call our ambulance chasers on…..

14. C’mon, where’s the colour? I hear Pinks good this season

15. Get your collagen implants here…

16. Poo springs to mind

17. Wha you wan - egg fry rie and cuway sore?

18. I like how this is really simple…..

19. Right.

20 and 21. Duh, duh, duh, duh, dududu (Eastenders)

22. ctrl, alt, shit logo

23. The first 2 remind me of the heart foundation but I like the 3rd version.

Top three for me would be

1st prize - 23 version 3
2nd prize - number 7
3rd prize - 14 with a different colour scheme

# Jon Hicks responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

Wow, that badger is pure genius!!

Simon S - Twas not I

# Tom responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

The badger is quite good but the type is off. I second what Ben Said about scrolling.

23. Is the clear winner.

# Dave responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

Err #7 seems to be used quite frequently :S

# Tom Carwardine responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

1,23,6,10 in that order…

Love the typeface in 1 and the simplicity

As Simon S says above 23 has a classic habitat-ness

6 & 10 are green which is obviously very cool at the moment.

# Charles Roper responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

Loving that Badger. #6 is quite nice, but the kerning is, for me, too loose for lowercase letters, and a bit off in places (between the a and r in standards). #23 Reminds me of the Kiss FM logo.

# Matthew Pennell responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

I’m guessing that either the badger or the Microsoft-4-square (#3) is the in-joke entry.

Nobody’s used my exact concept so far, so I might still find time to submit an entry.

#1 and #10 are my favourites so far.

# Simon Clayson responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

Badgers are nasty viscious creatures with sharp claws. They don’t do nice, especially when armed with Brush Script. Well, Bill Oddie probably disagrees.

23, 10 and 2 for me.

# Rob Waring responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

None of them are really grabbing me, but currently no.1 is about the best, shame about the dot on the third i tho…

The marble is also cool, but needs to be more marble-like, theres no depth to it atm.

No.6 - I didn’t know it was renault sponsored :)

Btw I’m not a designer so feel free to flame me into a small heap.

Is Andy Budd moonlighting? Check my blog.

# Matt Sephton responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

I prefer logo type with a small additional widget, so #13, #3, #7 and #1.

# Matthew Pennell responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

Rob: “shame about the dot on the third i thoś”

Read this for enlightenment: All about ligatures.

# Emma responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

I like #12 and #13… my favourite has to be #2 but it’s very similar to a certain credit card…

# Miha responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

My favorite would be #13.

# Rob Waring responded on 22nd June 2005 with...

Cheers Matthew, possibly a slightly different font then. Or pull out the curve on the top of the f maybe? Still my fave so far.

# Waylon responded on 23rd June 2005 with...

Personally, I like #23, version 3, and
#3 the best.

# Olly responded on 23rd June 2005 with...

I think I like 10 bestest.

# Yura responded on 23rd June 2005 with...

haha WOW! I did the #23 one 5 minutes before I left work hehe
But I really like #1 & #13 and there are quiet a few from the “next morning submissions”

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