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More Nottingham gig artwork - Jay Ryan (Bird Machine)

3rd February 2008

Earlier today I wrote about Chris Summerlin’s brilliant gig posters, and he and I had discussed the work of The Bird Machine - a Chigago-based outfit led by Jay Ryan - responsible for quite a few Nottingham posters.

Bird machine Nottingham posters

Figure 1: Nottingham gig poster designs from Jay Ryan.

These beauties are sketchier, more heavily worked than Chris’s posters, but just as covetable. They can be purchased via the Richard Goodall Gallery of Manchester, or by contacting The Bird Machine directly.

Bird Machine Nottingham posters

Figure 2: And some more Nottingham gig poster designs from Jay Ryan.


# NFS responded on 11th February 2008 with...

Thanks for the link to Richard Goodall Gallery of Manchester. Maybe I buy a poster. They are really nice -    that is exactly my taste.

# OA Presse responded on 24th February 2008 with...

Really nice works. I’m a bit of a music posters collector myslefs, so I really apreciate Chris’s work.

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