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26th January 2006

My thanks to Josh - a decent chap who just had me spitting at him for ripping off one of my designs. You gotta feel for the guy, now that the real culprit has replaced his website with this…

A message from Gary

I posted this here so you know it’s been resolved. I had quite a few emails after the rip was acknowledged on the Newstoday PVN earlier tonight.

Josh is a musician (a pretty good one by all accounts), not a designer. His only crime is that he trusted someone else, and the lesson he learned is a simple one. If someone offers to build you a website, make sure they’re not a thieving bastard before you let them anywhere near your reputation.

Thanks for the prompt action Josh.


# Jon responded on 26th January 2006 with...

I think you’re going about it the wrong way. Instead of getting into a rage about people copying your website designs, you should add it to your resume/portfolio. something like.. “all the websites that have copied my design”

# Raanan Avidor responded on 26th January 2006 with...

And how do you make sure they’re not a thieving bastard?
Ripping a design is much faster then designing one, therefor it can be cheaper and that might lure you.

# Nik responded on 26th January 2006 with...

It is probably always a bit aggrevating when somebody steels a design, but even more when you find out that the person did not do it for his own site, but actually got paid to rip off your site for someone else. Of course the customer is not aware of that though, so you will rpobably never catch the thief.

# Blair responded on 29th January 2006 with...

My question is, how to you find out about these buggers? I mean, I’d doubt any of my work ‘s ever been ripped off, but then again…

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