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Music Monthlies: August 2005

1st September 2005

Yes, I know it is now September. July’s monthlies were heavy on UK guitar/noise bands, but for August my taste is a little more melancolic.

It has been a month of house upheaval, and as a result I’ve been rifling through the old record collection, and digging out the vinyl.


The Queen Is Dead, probably the greatest Smiths album has been on heavy rotation. Never cared that much for them as a kid, but fell for them (especially Marr’s guitar twiddling) over recent years. Also been wearing out the grooves of their live release Rank.

I’ve been killing the latest from the desperately lovable Super Furry Animals. Their Love Kraft is perhaps not their best, but it’s a sumptious, Brian Wilson-esque harmonic trip that I can’t stop playing.

Micah P Hinson and the Gospel of Progress have been filling me with joy. I’m a bit late to the party on this one, after a variety of Simons recommended this awe-inspiringly beautiful album. Think the yearning of Jeff Buckley crossed with the out-there-ness of Devendra Banhart, played as an emotional party winds down at 3am. That’ll get you close.

One of my all-time fave bands Sigur Ros released Glosoli from forthcoming album Takk (means “Thanks” in Icelandic, language fans). It sounds like an angel trapped in a babbling brook, and has all the majestic beauty one should expect from the band.

I’m going to stick on The Stone Roses LP in a minute. I watched a great documentary on BBC Three called Blood On The Turntable last night, which basically recounted the band’s topsy-turvy history of misguided decisions and high-profile court cases, and sought to make their old manager look as bad as possible. It did.

It reminded me why they were the most important band that had ever entered my life. I lost three years of my life hooked into that band, as their needle hit my groove when I was but a young kid. No music will ever impact on my life like theirs did, and although they’re now a bunch of bitter old men and mostly crap, I still have to thank them for persevering and turning us all on our heads back in 1989. I think there’s an entire article in waiting here, so I’ll leave it for now.

As usual, any music tip-offs, disagreements, gushes etcetera all welcome. Keep your ears open.


# Jon Hicks responded on 1st September 2005 with...

Wierd - I’ve been the same with The Smiths too. Positively couldn’t stand them as a kid, but now I think they were genius! Wifey was into them at the time though - which makes me a feel a right fake

# Simon Collison responded on 1st September 2005 with...

Jon: I remember thinking they were little more than a bucket full of misery, as I disappeared off to listen to New Order!

Hooked now though - genius indeed.

# Simon Clayson responded on 1st September 2005 with...

Queen is Dead may be a bit of class and it’s worth remembering that without the turgid Girlfriend in a Coma, then Stangeways may be up there also.

As for the Roses, the programme highlighted what a farce their career was. They epitomise the perfect guitar pop band, inspirational, confident, talented, shambolic. Yet to be bettered, they were more than a one album band as all the b-sides and singles are worth searching out from the ‘golden era’. ‘Standing Here’ is outstanding. You can pick what you like from the second coming but occassionally they hit the top. Watching Mr Brown on Glastonbury tellybox stuggling through ‘I wanna be adored’ was embarrassing, they should either get back together to top up their pension funds or leave it. Bands grow old gracefully nowadays (Pixies, New Order), so no doubt the misty-eyed kids will be emptying their pockets sometime soon, whilst the old timers (me) stand at the back mumbling about how it was’nt the same back in the day, and that Oasis would’nt have existed etc etc.

# Simon Collison responded on 1st September 2005 with...

Simon: Ah, one of the greatest B-sides bands (up there with The Smiths and early Oasis for that alone) - will always love Standing Here, Mersey Paradise, Going Down, Hardest Thing In The World, What The World Is Waiting For, Where Angels Play, Here It Comes, All Across The Sand, Somethings Burning - I could go on, but I’m working….

Love all the demos too - Garage Flowers era - Heart On The Staves and stuff. Magic. Gush.

# steve keyworth responded on 5th September 2005 with...

As you well know ‘rank’ has been getting a hard hammering in the house of keyworth lately along with my ‘other two’ Smith ‘bum’s. Cracking good gallavanting stuff it is too encouraging, as it does, some rarely seen ‘scrabble style’ air guitar accompanied by unashamed wailing, whingy karaoke vocals.
I should coco.

# Simon Collison responded on 9th September 2005 with...

Steve: “Scrabble style” air guitar? Explain…

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