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Music Monthlies: July 2005

22nd July 2005

In the spirit of documenting the things that really matter and not just webby waffle, from this month and every one that follows, I’m gonna post a list of my current musical discoveries, favourites and surprises. It has a cathartic pleasantness in it’s compilation, and feels like something I can actually adhere to as the months pass. So, here’s the July 2005 list.

The Futureheads (for Decent Days and Nights alone). Maximo Park (check out Graffiti from A Certain Trigger). The Arcade Fire (weird but rousing). Razorlight (I was wrong - they turned out to be bloody good). Sons And Daughters (single Taste The Last Girl is a belter). Brakes (members of several ace bands get together for 30 mins of punky abrasion). Duke Spirit (can Cut Across The Land forever as far as I’m concerned). Leaves (new album Angela test is beautiful). Hell, even Bloc Party (not quite wearing thin yet), Gorillaz (yes, them - the new single featuring Shaun Ryder is funky as fuck), British Sea Power and the Oasis album are colouring my Summer. If ever a period of my life seemed framed by a flurry of incredible and very British bands all coming out of nowhere - or proving me wrong, it was this one.

That’s the deal on my 2002-model iPod at the moment. Thought I’d share. Feel free to tip me off if I’m missing out on something special…


# Richard Rutter responded on 22nd July 2005 with...

> Brakes (members of several ace bands ...)

Or to give them their full name: “Brighton supergroup, the Brakes”. Consisting, as they do, of members from British Sea Power, Electric Soft Parade and the lesser-known but highly regarded Tenderfoot. Fabulous.

# Wes Key responded on 22nd July 2005 with...

Some quality bands on that list but if you haven’t already, you should check out arctic monkeys and milburn both currently making a name for themselves from the sheffield area.

# Simon Collison responded on 22nd July 2005 with...

Rich: Ah, yes - they’re from Brighton. Thought you’d want to claim them as your own.

Wes: Yeah - I got a couple of their records somewhere - Fake Tales of San Francisco is very good indeed.

Immortal line: You’re not from New York, you’re from Roth’ram. Class act.

# Mike Stenhouse responded on 22nd July 2005 with...

I don’t think they’ve got anything out yet but you’ve got to go see Battles, if they come anywhere near Nottingham. I saw them supporting Four Tet a few weeks back and they blew me away! Hard to describe and I don’t know whether they’ll come across on record…

My favourite things at the moment are Jamie Lidell (wants to be Prince but with electronica), Camille (Bjork might sound like this if you took her money away and made her produce an album), Jose Gonzalez (beautiful, bare-bones folksy stuff).

# Simon Snorkeller responded on 23rd July 2005 with...

A second vote for Jose. Saw him at Homefires and he’s very raw, warm and mesmerising. Cover of “Love will tear us apart” a particularly brave highlight.

# Robin Parker responded on 25th July 2005 with...

Two more for your little three-year-old buddy:

Star of CCTV by Hard-Fi,
Speak For Yourself by Imogen Heap

(although as a relative newcomer to CollyLogic these might have already had a (well deserved) mention at some point)

# steve keyworth responded on 25th July 2005 with...

Its not new, its old, but so am I and I know you wants it.
Rank- The Smiths [live at the Kilburn National]
Listen to some proper genius guitar from Marr.

# Simon Collison responded on 29th July 2005 with...

Good tips, readers.

And yes, Rank is still the business, “Steve”...

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