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Music Monthlies: September 2005

30th September 2005

Last month I was a bit hung up on old stuff, aside from the brilliant new album from Sigur Ros. This month it’s all new, although I’m aprehensive about saying anything ever since a comment troll arrived to diss my music taste. Oh well, fuck him.


The album I cannot stop listening to is the third album from Elbow - Leaders Of The Free World. Who’d have thought their third album would be their best? The title track is quite simply the best record they have made, and I’m prepared to say that it is absolutely perfect. I’d download it again, but I already have it, so that would be stupid. Anyway, Elbow rule this month. Hooray once more for Manchester.

It is very comforting to see everyone getting excited about The Arctic Monkeys, although they’re all late, since my colleague was banging on about them back in May. You’ll either love them or hate them… except you’ll love them, so that’s a null statement.

As I discussed earlier today, King Biscuit Time have been getting a fair bit of play in the office, so hooray for Steve Mason there. I’ve been playing lots of RJD2 (noisy website) too (no, I did not misspell R2D2, this is not about Star Wars). He makes big, brash hip-hop-heavy breaksy stuff that’s clearly influenced by DJ Shadow, and is absolutely perfect music to make websites to. The album is Deadringer, and it rocks a very large one.

Bloc Party (that’s a nice website they have there) release Two More Years soon I think, and it’s a perfect pop tune that has the same retro feel as old single Banquet. Loving that. Birmingham’s Interpol-tribute band The Editors completely surprised us all in the office with their dark and moody but oh-so superb album. It’s nothing new, and I think they’re dancing on Ian Curtis’ grave to a certain extent, but it’s so good it deserves a mention.

That’s it for now. I thought about mentioning the return of Franz Ferdinand, but I’ve decided I only like the riff on their new single - the rest of it is a bit of a forced smile, so I won’t mention them.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but I’ve waxed lyrical about Elbow, so I know I’ve done my job. Hopefully I’ve pissed off the comment troll too. He says I know nothing about independent music. He should see my record collection.


# Richard Rutter responded on 30th September 2005 with...

I’m aprehensive about saying anything ever since a comment troll arrived to diss my music taste.

Too right, fuck him; the smug self-important arse wipe. You know the truth, Colly. And dissing someone’s taste in music is like telling someone they don’t have a sense of humour or that they’re a bad driver. You simply don’t do it. And more to the point - what’s to diss? Bah.

And I’ve just downloaded the Elbow track you recommended. It’s as good as you say. I’ve got Cast of Thousands which I thoroughly enjoy, but this is something else. Ta.

# Jon Hicks responded on 30th September 2005 with...

“YouĂll either love them or hate them [Arctic Monkeys]˜ except youĂll love them, so thatĂs a null statement.”

For me they’re still one of those bands that I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Maybe it just needs more listens?

# Ben Ward responded on 30th September 2005 with...

I’m with you 100% on Elbow. It’s been playing constantly on my iPod in and out of uni all week. Whilst I’ve been trying to give the Sigur RÄs back catalogue a good chance, ŒLeaders of the Free WorldĂ won’t let go.

Everything at the beginning of the album is glorious. The lyrics to Forget Myself (Œ˜ with his folded arms, he’s got that urban genie thing, going onĂ) make me smile every time. Plus the chorus makes me want to through my arms in the air.

And you’re dead right, the title-track is without doubt the most stunning piece of music they’ve ever created. Do they still hang out in ŒBig HandsĂ in Manc? If so may start dropping in.

# Mike Stenhouse responded on 30th September 2005 with...

I went the other way this month and took off on a Mike-buys-classics shopping trip. Best buy? Motorhead - Ace of Spades album. How good is Please Don’t Touch?! Very. I also picked up The Best of the Byrds, The Best of Sam Cooke, Nas - Illmatic (I’ve only got it on vinyl so I’d forgotten how good it is) and Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers (same again).

On new stuff, I highly recommend checking out the latest CocoRosie album. They don’t come much weirder but if you give it a chance there’s some lovely stuff lurking under the crazy noises. I also bought the Sebastian Tellier album, but I’m not that taken with it. Oh, but if you’ve not got it already go buy the Fat Freddy’s Drop album too. Saw them a couple of months back and was blown away.

I’m really looking forward to the King Biscuit Time album, incidentally. I had his first EP but I completely forgot about him until the new video hit MTV.

If you can, try and track down Mad Skillz - Ghost Writer (Rawkus 2000). It’s the first time I heard an RJD2 production and it still rocks.

# paul haine responded on 1st October 2005 with...

I saw Elbow at the Oxford Zodiac recently - they were fantastic, and I love their third album, particularly the title track, ‘Leaders of the Free World’. Highly recommended.

# Lee Hickman responded on 21st October 2005 with...

I’m going to kick off Octobers music monthlies with SFA and Run! Christian! Run! Awesome when it’s late and you’ve had one to many!

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