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New Adventures 2012

5th July 2011

Today, we’re thrilled to launch the second New Adventures in Web Design, taking place once again in wintry Nottingham, on Thursday 19th January 2012.

A carefully-crafted line-up

We’ve been hard at work carefully pulling together a line-up we really believe in, featuring a heady mixture of hard-hitters and fresh talent from the UK and the United States.

New Adventures 2012

So, our main conference day will feature Dan Mall, Art Director at Big Spaceship, former Interactive Director at Happy Cog, technical editor for A List Apart, and co-founder of Typedia. This man has form.

We’re over the moon that the mighty Frank Chimero is going to drop knowledge-bombs on you, and we’ve also snared Trent Walton — a man not usually found on stage. There’s the depth and knowledge of Denise Jacobs (brilliant on-stage in Vancouver last month), and folks who you probably haven’t seen speaking anywhere before, such as Naomi Atkinson, and Robbie Manson. That orbital content guy Cameron Koczon will be taking a break from Gimme Bar, TeuxDeux, BrooklynBeta and FictiveKin to inspire you all. Completing our line-up is Travis Schmeisser, UI designer at NYC’s incredible 80/20.

Each and every one of them knows what you expect from New Adventures, and they’re literally (yeah, literally) gonna explode your brains.

Workshops and other events

Yes, we’re throwing some amazing workshops your way, featuring that man Trent Walton, those cheeky Irishmen The Standardistas, and super-boffin Ben Bodien of Neutron Creations. One more to be announced soon.

Also, our friends at Erskine will again be bringing you bowling madness, there will be five-a-side football courtesy of our mad Irish cohorts, possibly some screenprinting workshops, and who knows what else? There’ll be the second edition of our newspaper, that’s for sure. Stay tuned for more announcements as we get closer to the event.

A new direction

This year, my super sidekick Mr. Gregory Wood is joining me to organise and plan the event. He’s really steered the new design direction based on our wonderful identity, and we’re happier now that the site is less noisy than it was last year. We’re distilling it down to its purest essence, and aiming to reflect the no-nonsense, serious and intelligent design focus of the event in our site and other gubbins from now on. We like simple.


The site does some nice responsive things, so it looks a treat on your portable magic phaser. Also, it’ll change colour as you refresh, so if you don’t like the red, wait for the orange perhaps.


Tickets will go on sale on Monday 18th July 2011, at 2pm GMT precisely. Last year we could have sold another 400 tickets above our 650 allocation, so be sharp, be wise, and be ready.

The full site with lots more info should also launch on the 18th, so stay tuned for more hot conference action.


# David Hughes responded on 5th July 2011 with...

And I thought this year’s was good. What a stunning line-up; I simply cannot wait.

Hotel booked. Now I just need to secure a ticket.

# Timbo responded on 5th July 2011 with...

So glad you’re doing this again. This year’s was epic. For anyone who wasn’t there: believe the hype.

# Tjobbe responded on 6th July 2011 with...

Simon, lovely Web site for the conference (or should I say landing page?), but for my girlfriends laptop which is running windowsXP, and a 1280x768 resolution, she saw the smaller, streamlined version.

Also, as a general note, those who are aware of your conference last year won’t have this problem, but how are people new to naconf going to “sell” it to their team leaders / managers to get approval on buying a ticket? The site doesn’t actually tell you much about the benefits, schedule etc.

I’m sure you have plans to dramatically expand on what you have there right now, but just wanted to make you aware that people, like my girlfriend for example, wouldn’t really be able to get the company to pay for something like this.

# Simon Collison responded on 6th July 2011 with...

Tjobbe: Thanks for the feedback, and I totally understand your point. This holding page is just to create a buzz and get the speakers list out. The 18th July launch will be a fuller site (as we had last year) with much more information. That may not help some, but it’s the best we can do with time and other restraints. Last year we launched and sold tickets on same day, so this year we wanted to prepare as many people as we could.

# Tjobbe responded on 6th July 2011 with...

Thought that might be the case Simon, see you in January hopefully.

# Alex responded on 15th July 2011 with...

It looks like it will be a great event.  Will the tickets be available via the newadventures website and any idea on prices?

# Alan Durkan responded on 18th July 2011 with...

...annndd booked. Looking forward to it already

# verblisterung responded on 21st July 2011 with...

It was great! I will be back!

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