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New Adventures Audio and Slides

29th June 2011

Some five months after the inaugural New Adventures in Web Design conference in Nottingham, I’ve finally found time to get the talks and slides online for you to spoil your eyes and ears with.

So, there’s audio only. Whilst we did spend a good deal on video, the quality wasn’t all that great. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s super-multi-layered madness that I just can’t deal with, even in Final Cut Premiere Soundbooth Mega Pro.

Mainly, the lighting wasn’t right, so although both sides of the stage were well lit, our speakers often strolled to centre-stage, where it was like a black hole, so video is kind of useless unless you’re really into silhouettes.

You can get the full list of audio and slides here, or jump directly to one from the list below:

Please note that Crafting User Experiences from Sarah Parmenter will follow later in the year, once she’s finished her talks for An Event Apart in the US.

Finally, I know that trying to navigate the Slides whilst listening is a bit of a pain and often disjointed, but I hope you’ll forgive me. Hey, I’m learning, and we’ll do a better job next time.

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