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NME wins NME award. Bunch of arse

18th February 2005

So, didn’t win the NME Best Website award. No, NME.COM did.

If another band had beaten us, I really wouldn’t mind, but the NME winning it’s own award? Fucking fix. Oh well, great to have been nominated, and at least The Libertines won Best British Band - even though they’ve split up. Go view the full (fixed) results. Fix.


# Lee Hickman responded on 18th February 2005 with...

It stinks.

The NME should have stood aside and let the better website take the award it deserves.

Big fat stinkin’ bunch of arse.

# James responded on 18th February 2005 with...

The nominations should have been Best Band or Artist Website. It is a bit poor that they should be in one of their own award categories. Ah, its a crap magazine anyway. Commiserations.

# Simon Collison responded on 18th February 2005 with...

James: I agree with that. Make the category a bit more specific. The Libs site wasn’t perfect ( I still haven’t done the Flash replacement), and if the U2 site had won, I would not have minded - it’s tables, but is a great looking band website. I never could view the Morrisey site, it always defaulted to a domain search page, and the Muse site was difficult to nav through - all crazy Flash, but looked OK.

U2 or Libs - that would’ve been fair. Actually, they looked quite similar, both based directly on the latest album artwork. They look good side-by-side on my iMac screen.

Lee: We won’t be getting that bouquet of flowers from Alan McGee now, will we? Can someone pass me a tissue.

# James responded on 18th February 2005 with...

Mmm the U2 site is quite attractive, but youre right about the coding - very table heavy. Do NME readers like U2 then? Aren’t U2 a bit old and boring for such a cutting-edge music magazine?

Hot new things The Kaiser Chiefs have got a very nice website which I think you’ll approve of.

# Simon Collison responded on 18th February 2005 with...

Erm, freaky! I am listening to the Kaiser Chiefs right now - honest! Just, erm, “liberated” their album from the internet. It’s mostly great. I Predict A Riot and Oh My God are great records.

Meanwhile, in that London, the vitriol has reached the Libs webmonkeys...

# Jon Hicks responded on 18th February 2005 with...


Ah well, I voted fo’ ya.

# Andrew Hume responded on 18th February 2005 with...

That is pants Colly. Really smelly pants.

What a disgrace!

# John Oxton responded on 18th February 2005 with...

Nobbly Monkey Excrement!

# paul haine responded on 20th February 2005 with...

Boycott the NME!

It’s been rubbish for a while now, anyway, and their website is terribly naff and unusable.

# Steve Keyworth responded on 22nd February 2005 with...

Oh Aye, NME give ‘emselves the golden finger. But what clinched it in the minds of the NME public?

I don’t care, fucking sycophants. Probably loved the teenage morrisette style irony of voting for ‘their’ indie champion.
Ten thousand fucking spoons? When all I wanted was a knife, oh how I sniggered in self assured resignation at the sorry state of the nations’ youth whilst carefully perusing the top shelf mags in forbouys ‘newsy’.

Blues and Jazz
Small dogs
Hats and Jags

# Simon Collison responded on 2nd March 2005 with...

“Hats and Jags” is a fine publication, if a little decadent.

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