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Notts County officially the worst

5th January 2007

According to a new Littlewoods Pools survey (more about the survey here), my football team are officially the worst team to support. I quote Ian Morgan over at

It’s largely been “one for sorrow” for the Magpies. The oldest club in the Football League have been through more managers (35) since 1945 than any other team except Wigan Athletic (36). Previous holders of the post include Sam Allardyce, Neil Warnock and Howard Kendall. Through promotion or relegation, the club have switched divisions 29 times - a Football League record. One of their most (in)famous fans was serial killer Harold Shipman. Need we say more.

Big thanks (no, really - thanks a bunch, mate) to Andrew for the information. Sigh…


# Olly responded on 5th January 2007 with...

Tragic though it is to have this confirmed by the authority of Littlewoods it’s something that we’ve suspected for a while. Still worst of the worst is something int it?

# Martin Smith responded on 6th January 2007 with...

Ahhh… but at least they’re not Stalybridge Celtic.

# Martin responded on 6th January 2007 with...

But relegation/promotion is at least some form of tension/excitement. Imagine being a Spurs fan and truely believing that you belong in the top four, you would have won the CL if not for an ARSEnal supporting chef, the UEFA Cup is comparable to the CL etc etc etc. All these things are of course true, as is self delusion and mid table obscurity :) It can’t be that bad, NF are only one league above and doing their best recently to stay that way!

# Ann responded on 13th January 2007 with...

Is it university league? Why I didn’t hear about this team before…

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